Adopting Twins

Tom and I have been planning for a while to get a dog. We wanted to get an Alaskan Klee Kai around Christmas time as our present to each other. But lately, we have been thinking about the fact that we could get a dog that needs us from a shelter for a fraction of the price while saving it from being put down. We’ve also been thinking about how much fun it would be to get a dog while it’s still nice outside.

After deciding that we wanted a female puppy in a small breed, we started looking around online, specifically So after church and lunch today, Tom and I decided to go to some of the places we had seen online.  The first place we called had nothing available in what we needed. Petsmart didn’t have what we were looking for either, so we drove out to Georgia SPCA in Suwanee. That is where we saw a litter of five adorable puppies. They were reported to be a mixture of  Jack Russell Terrier and Australian Shepherd. We aren’t sure what else is in them. We aren’t so sure they got it right with Australian Shepherd. Mainly, we think they have Miniature Pinscher in them. See what we mean? Just compare that picture to ones of the puppies.

There was only one girl in the litter, and she is adorable. When we reached in for her, one of her brothers was so persistant about being held that we took him out to play with as well. By the time we had spent half an hour with them, we were in love with them both. They are 10 weeks old and about the size Lucy (my dog that lives with Mom and Dad) was at 5 weeks old. We don’t expect them to get very big. We were told the largest they could possibly ever be was 30 pounds. After talking it over for about an hour, we decided to adopt them both. That way they could have a sibling to play with while we are at work, and we would rescue two dogs. The fee to buy them helps keep the rescue center going, and it also covers our puppies first 2 rounds of vaccinations, some Advantage for keeping away ticks and flees, deworming them, and having them spayed and nuetered.

After we adopted them, we went to Petsmart (about a mile from our apartment) to buy their collars, leashes, crate, puppy pads, chew bones, squeaky toys, food, and bowls. We are totally in love with our new “babies,” and I think they know they are going to be a bit pampered.

We’ve decided to name them Liam and Samantha (Sam for short). We will have pictures on flickr soon, and the link is on the right. =) There are also some pictures below; you can click to enlarge them. We will try to add a video later.


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