The Calm Before The Storm

This weekend, Tom and I were planning to go to Augusta to visit Jonathan, Lisa, and the kids (and to meet little Violet), but Lisa had some migraine pain, so we are rescheduling. That left us with an unplanned weekend, and we have been (and still are) taking full advantage of it. We have something planned for every weekend until January, so we are chilling out this weekend. The puppies don’t mind that either since they have some kennel weekends coming up (though I’m not sure they know that’s part of the plan).

Our fun actually began on Thursday night. Lydia and Jeremy Hatfield, a couple from our small group, had us over for dinner at their house. We had such a great time! It was so fun to unwind after work with another couple. They have done a great job with decorating their house, and it makes us really eager to find a house of our own. I think I’ve got Lydia talked into helping me go garage sale hunting for a few decorations when I get ready to put those kinds of touches on our first house, too. She has great taste, and we share a mutual love (or should I say “obsession?”) for all things Pottery Barn. I couldn’t believe some of the great deals they found on Craig’s List. Tom and I used that website for a lot of our furniture as well, but I’m always impressed when I hear a great “deal” story.

Friday night I made steak and potatoes for Tom and myself, and we had a relaxing evening watching Scrubs. We LOVE that show. And I talked him into helping me get down the Christmas decorations from the top shelf (which I most definitely cannot reach) in our guest bedroom closet. Poor Tom-a HUGE metal candle holder fell and hit him hard on the shoulder, breaking the skin. He’s a trooper though, and he got the rest of the stuff down anyway. That way I can start going through it to save time when we’re ready to put it up in the apartment.

Today, Tom went for his long run of the week, like he does every Saturday, and he ran an impressive 12 miles straight. I can’t even run one mile before I start getting stitches in my side and reaching for an inhaler (am I sounding geeky and out of shape, or what?), so I’m always so impressed at his endurance when he runs. After he came back and had lunch, we both worked on different things on our computers. Tom finished his Christmas list (I think), and I got a lot of headway on mine.

Tonight, we watched Wall*E and ate pizza (YUM)!! Tom and I had never seen Wall*E before, but I’d heard so many good things about it that we decided to buy it. I’m glad we did. It was amazingly well done. I’ve never seen an animated movie that incorporated real people like that before. I will not spoil it in case you haven’t seen it, but it was a really great movie. I couldn’t believe how much affection I had right off the bat for a little machine. =)

Tomorrow, Andy is starting a new series at church, and I am really excited to be there for it. Tom and I have really grown a lot in our faith at Northpoint, and we feel like God has really led us there. After lunch, we are planning to go get a few things from Target for our Christmas decorations that I realized we didn’t already have when sorting them out.

I’m so glad that next week is a short one for work. Tom and I will be heading to Covington Wednesday night. We’re going to see a lot of family, eat wonderful food, and get some Christmas shopping done. We’ll probably help mom and dad get their tree this year (I’ve never missed that tradition) and hopefully decorate it before we go back to Alpharetta. The UGA/GT game is also next Saturday, and that should be interesting. There is so much to look forward to next week! And so the holiday madness begins….


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