Getting to Know You…and You and You and You, too.

This has been a busy week and weekend for Tom and me. I’ve been experiencing a delightful respiratory problem that involves sinus pressure, asthma, and coughing a lot (read: coughing up a lot of yuck). Tom and I have both been working like usual, but our week has been busy outside of that.

We have grouplink each Monday night, and we’ve been enjoying getting to know the couples in that group. Lydia and Jeremy are a couple that we have gotten together with a few times, and it’s been really fun hanging out with them. Jeremy is another Tech grad, and Lydia is actually from England. We love spending time with them, and we had them over for dinner on Tuesday night, which was a blast.

On Friday, we went over to eat at the house of a different couple from our small group, Justin and Brooke. They hail from California, and are trying to meet some people in Georgia…and trying to adjust to the very different culture that the South offers compared to the West Coast. We had a great time hanging out and talking, and they even introduced us to the comedy of Russell Peters, which we have already watched again (they let us borrow the dvd).

Today, Melissa and Lee were up from Savannah to visit her dad, and they were available to come over, so we had lunch at our apartment and hung out for a few hours. It was great to catch up with them, and made me realize even more how much I miss my UGA friends (and non-UGA friends, for that matter) who have moved far away, even if far away is where they were from before I knew them. One thing about college is that you take for granted that all your friends from school are going to live in the same city as you for 3/4ths of the year for four years. I’m grateful for friends who make the effort to keep in touch, and Tom and I are blessed with many friends who do that in different ways, be it via the phone, email, online chatting, blogging, coming over to visit, or inviting us to their place.

Tonight, Tom and I had our weekly date-staying in to watch a movie and eat pizza in our jammies. We both love it. We enjoy going out for a date every now and then, but we are such homebodies. We love being comfortable the way we are at home and the fact that it doesn’t break the bank when we have “dinner and a movie.” While we were out to pick up the movie and pizza, we had snow flurries coming down around us. During the movie, it sleeted for two hours. When we took the dogs out, everything was iced over. So…we may or may not be driving anywhere tomorrow, which would be a bummer since we have plans to go to the early church service then to Covington for Tom’s cousin, Eli’s, birthday.  Then we will be driving back to play with the pups and get laundry done in prep for another work week.

Tom pointed out to me the irony of how busy we are after we had decided that we were going to take things a little bit slower for a while. It’s a whirlwind life, but we’re grateful to have the friends and family, new and old, that we get to know or catch up with. We’re trying to slow things down a little so we can relax, and if I want to get over being sick, rest is probably the best thing. But it’s hard to turn down the opportunity to invest in time with those we care about. Right now, we’re just trying to balance between the social tendancies we have and the need to pull back a little and take it easy.


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