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Tom and I  are officially MOVING OUT of our first place together tomorrow. It’s been a good apartment, but we outgrew it (or our stuff did?) quickly, and we are really excited to move into our house. Looking around on my lunch break…because the tv is already over there….it’s hitting me that this is it.  It doesn’t look like our “home” anymore as it becomes gutted of all the furniture and personal touches. It’s a little overwhelming.

Hopefully Samantha and Liam won’t attempt to do any “interior facelifts” at the new place as they did here-removing sideboards at all corners and pulling up carpet. We took them to our house this week after the fence was put up and let them run free in the backyard. They loved it, and we had to smile watching them enjoy the freedom of running outside. It’s nice to be able to do that without going to a dog park. We took for granted having yards growing up, and in college it didn’t matter. But when we had two animals living with us for almost a year who desperately wanted and needed to run around, it made us appreciate yards like never before. We are so excited to have it fenced in, where we know they are safe.

Anyway, we will post pictures later, but we are excited. The paint job that has been done in the kitchen, living room, and dining room looks great, the fence is up, and Tom is at the house to get the new fridge right now. (I am beyond excited about this fridge.) We’ve been working hard to get as much done ahead of time as possible; most of my clothes are over and hanging in the closet already, one bathroom is set up, boxes are filling a spare bedroom, some small furniture has moved, all cookbooks have been set up in the kitchen, and some dishes are already in the cabinets.  We are ready to get this show on the road!



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