Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

Vacation, Had to get away! =) That chorus was in my head all week while Tom and I were at the beach. We left on Friday, May 23rd for Savannah. On the long trip out, we narrowly avoided a car accident when the car in front of us didn’t brake, but instead drove right into the car stopped in front of it. Thankfully, Tom kept a cool head (seriously, all he said was, “Oh my goodness.”), and he got us out of the way in time. We got there pretty late since we left after work, but Lee (a friend from UGA that I met my second week freshman year) and Melissa (we met the first day of classes freshman year and have been best friends ever since) Tanner were waiting up for us. We all stayed up until about 2AM talking, which might not have sounded so late in college, but now it’s unheard of for all of us. =) The next day we all just lounged around at their place hanging out until Tom and I needed to leave for my Mema’s 80th birthday party. It was so nice just to get to hang out with them again. I miss living in the same city as all my college friends. Go figure that when I move about 15 minutes from her dad’s house that Melissa would be living in Savannah. =) But knowing she’s married to Lee makes it worth it. They are a great couple.

Mema’s 80th birthday party was fun. There was a slideshow of Patton family pictures, including ones of my Mema when she was little all the way up to now and ones of my Papa, who passed away when I was 3. They were an attractive couple! They grew up next door to each other and got married when my grandmother was still a teenager. She moved to California with him while he was in the navy there, and years later, they had my dad, their first child. At the party, there were also some really not so attractive pictures of me in preteen and teen years. I could have lived without seeing those blown up to 10 feet tall on a huge projector, but I was not the only one with funny pictures. All 5 of Mema’s kids, all 15 of her grandkids (not including their spouses), and all 8 of her great-grandkids (& one more is on the way!) had their pictures, both cute and awkward, put out there for all to see as well.

Hilda Gattman Patton, my Mema, at 16 years old!
Hilda Gattman Patton, my Mema, at 16 years old!
Henry Patton, Sr., my Papa!
Henry Patton, Sr., my Papa!

After the birthday party on Saturday evening, my immediate family headed up to Hilton Head for the week. Everyone but Jonathan was able to stay for the entire week. We wished Jonathan could have stayed too because he seems to make everything more fun. He can make any situation funny, and he always has been able to do that. But we all had a great time. We went out to eat at the Crazy Crab a couple of times, but other than that, we mostly chilled out at the beach house and had laid back meals. We spent most of our time at the beach or pool, did some shopping (well, Mom took the “big girls” out for a shopping day, anyway),  went on walks, played putt-putt then watched the little ones play games in the arcade, and hung out in the hot tub at night.  I also spent some time painting Madeline and Anna Kate’s nails for them, and Tom helped Tyler out on a few hard parts of games on his DS, which he got for his 6th birthday.

It was so nice to just relax and do whatever we felt like doing. Since my family is spread out-Mom and Dad in Covington, Tom and me in Suwanee, Kristen and James in St. Louis, Jordan and Sarah moving to Pittsburgh, and Jonathan and Lisa in Augusta, but possibly moving out of the state in a year-it’s made me appreciate all the more the times that we are all together and able to really just relax. I love Christmas, but it’s so busy that people can get stressed out during our time together. Everyone was able to just kick back and do whatever they felt like doing during this trip, and I think we all needed that.  Mom and Dad definitely were generous providing us with such a nice trip, and I’m so blessed to have a family I enjoy spending time with.

We’re back from the beach now and reunited with our pups! This trip was the longest time we’ve had apart from them since we brought them home with us from the SPCA last July. It was awesome getting to pick them up and then come home to our house!! =) We love it here, even if we do still have boxes everywhere. I’m on a forced leave of abscense from work until my hand is fully healed (thank goodness for FMLA), so I intend to spend a lot of that time getting our place in order so we’re closer to living box-free. You know it was a good vacation when you feel rested enough to look forward to the work ahead of you. =)

To see pictures from our vacation, click here.



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