Two Sessions In

So, just to keep up to date, I’ve had two physical  therapy sessions so far, with another tomorrow and five more weeks after that. Thankfully, it wasn’t as bad as I was expecting it to be. I’ve done all kinds of fun stuff-picking up marbles and setting them back down, doing a “dry whirlpool” and a paraffin wax dip for my left hand to loosen/relax it, pinched clothespins, and lots of stretching exercises for my thumb, including some that incorporate a towel and a quarter. I’ve also had a scar massage. I thought it would be awful, but, while it was uncomfortable, I could manage it. Now that the stitches and scab have come off, I have new, sensitive skin, so I’m sure that I’m going to get to do lots of desensitization stuff now. Not so sure I’m looking forward to that.

I’m still out of work until the p.t. is over, so that means more time to unpack boxes. Tomorrow, Tom and I are going to IKEA to get some office furniture. I can’t wait! We will finally be able to unpack that room! =) Tom is getting this type of desktop, and I am getting this table top for crafts (but with these legs).

Also, earlier this week, I had a lovely birthday! =) Tom got me something that I’ve really needed for  a long time. I use a tape (yes, I said tape) with a cable to listen to my Ipod in the car. I can’t seem to find a good transmitter for it to play through the radio. But Tom found one that is supposed to be really good. We’ll probably test it out on the way to Atlanta tomorrow. Can’t wait! Mom also came up and took me out for the day while Tom was at work. It was so much fun! We got mani/pedis at a local nail place (Thank you, Megan Puckett-soon to be Bolian- for the suggestion of where to go!), had lunch at Five Guys, and had Italian ice from Rita’s. So fun! =) I had celebrated my birthday at the beach with the family (by the way, Kristen, that umbrella has been getting  a lot of use lately!), so I was surprised with some more birthday cards from friends and in-laws on the actual day, which was so nice. Thanks to everyone who sent messages, called, or were in some other way making my birthday special. I appreciate it!
Now it’s back to work. Unpacking boxes seems like it will take forever.



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