The Office

No, not the tv show. Though we love it, that is not the point of this post. However, you could listen to this while you read this post and just pretend that I’m Pam and Tom is Jim. You could also answer this: “Question. What kind of bear is best?”

Tom and I have been using my dad’s truck this past week so that we could go to Ikea on Friday and get some new furniture. Up until this weekend, all of our office things have been in boxes in the office. Tom has had to use the breakfast table for his laptop, and he’s been missing his  regular setup with two towers and two monitors. I’ve had to stand at the breakfast bar to use my laptop. I haven’t been able to do anything with the scrapbooks I’d started. I literally haven’t touched them since months before our wedding. And Tom and I both have so many books that there were boxes of them piled up in the office and in storage upstairs. Books that aren’t out where you can get to them do not get read, and, being the book-lover that I am, it was a serious disservice to both me and to my friends who would like to borrow those books. Well, maybe not “serious,” but it was annoying. Tom also had no where to put his computer books, and he likes to read those to keep himself up-to-date with programming languages.

One afternoon and two trips to Ikea later (we forgot some things), and we had a new set of office furniture. Today, we unpacked most of the boxes and put things away. Now Tom has a desk that can comfortably hold his two monitors and his laptop, a desk lamp, and some notebooks, with room to spare for writing or having a book out. We also bought some cool accessories for his desk. He got two “computer holders” for his towers to be kept off the ground but under his desk next to the legs, and he got a cable holder for the back of the desk to keep all the cables from getting tangled up on the floor.

I have a much larger workspace than I did in the apartment with the desk I was using. And, I love the way that mytabletop is two levels so that I can have things on display, as storage, or drying underneath while I use the top to work. The legs are great because I can use them for extra storage space.  And we now have a couple of bookshelves in here to help out with the lack of book storage. We could probably use a few more, but right now, it’s fine. Tomorrow, we plan to get a small shelf unit from Target to hold our printer and printer supplies. We both feel like there is more that we would like to do in here (more storage, pictures and boards on the walls), but it’s come such a long way in two days, that we’re really happy with the transformation so far.

Here are some pictures from before and after. I had already moved most of the boxes out of the room in anticipation of the need for space while we put the furniture together, and I wish I’d take the picture before that so the change would be more dramatic. Just imagine 3x as many boxes in the room for the before picture, and you’ll start to get the idea.

Before we began to build the bookshelves.
“Before” shot we took right before we began to build the bookshelves.
One corner of the room.
“Before” shot. One corner of the room.
Another corner of the room.
Another “before” shot of a different corner of the room.
"After" shot, looking in from the doorway.
“After” shot, looking in from the doorway.
Another "after" shot, showing another bookshelf and Tom's desk.
Another “after” shot, showing a bookshelf full of text books and Tom’s desk.
"After" shot of our workspaces.
“After” shot of our workspaces.
"After" shot of just Tom's desk.
“After” shot of just Tom’s desk.

This message brought to you from the office.



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