We’ve been weedin’ out the weeds

**Even though I didn’t write this post (Tom did for our old blog), I wanted to include it on Loquacious Lady so that you could see the progression for our yard.***

When I was young, a typical summer Saturday was often spent on the lawn mower or on the tractor cutting grass at Mom and Dad’s place. I’ve got some intense memories of riding on a John Deere while listening to my Walkman (do they even make those anymore?). At that point in my life, it wasn’t really the way I would’ve planned to spend a Saturday, but I think it’s definitely had it’s impact on me – since we’ve moved in, I’ve had a serious desire to get our yard lookin’ good.

Before we moved in, the house had been empty for sometime during which the lawn was left alone free to grow in whatever way it wanted. This translates to “we’ve got weeds.” Since Meghan has been doing a lot of work inside the house, I’ve been spending a lot of time in the yard working on cleaning it up. Once we took care of actually cutting the grass for the first time in who-knows-when, I turned my attention to the weeds.

Despite the fact that we were vastly outnumbered, it was time to kick some grass.

We started with the hill in the backyard. The hill spans across our backyard as well as our neighbors’ and is covered in juniper in order to keep erosion down. The juniper looks nice and all, but when it’s got random weeds poking up here and there, not so much. So the first thing we did was pull up all of the random weeds that were contaminating the juniper. Click on each picture for a larger view.


Shortly thereafter, we turned our attention to the perimeter of the house. The weekend that Meghan was at the lake for a bachelorette party, I chose to spend the morning pulling up all of the weeds that were alongside the perimeter of the house. After that, I retraced my steps soaking the area with weedkiller just to make sure I had my bases covered.


Next up, I sprayed all of the weeds that I could find in the backyard, front yard, and along either side of the house. A few days later, once the weeds were as dead as they were gonna get, Meghan and I got outside and began pulling up whatever weeds we could find. It took several evenings to get it all done, but we ended up making some really good progress.


At this point, the majority of the weeds are gone. We’ve tried to be diligent in keeping it cut regularly and keeping an eye out for any weeds that may attempt to show up again. We’d eventually like to get the grass a bit greener, mulch the hill in the backyard, landscape the perimeter of the house, and get some flowers in the front yard. It’s just gonna take some time.


It’s no where near what we’d like, but it’s a far cry from where it was. Hopefully things will begin to take shape over the next several months.

Weed-free is the way to be,”

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