One Year Later…

We adopted our puppies one year ago on July 20th. They turned one year old in May, but we still see them as puppies instead of as dogs. We probably will always think of them as little puppies. They have been such a wonderful addition to our small family, and they have blessed us with so much love and humor. Sam and Liam are each others’ best friends who love to be together. They’ve developed such unique personalities. Sam is independent and chill most of the time, though she gets very worked up by other dogs barking or people she doesn’t know outside the house, and she is a daddy’s girl. Liam likes to be with everyone all the time so that he can keep an eye on them, wants to play non-stop, is a cuddler, and he is his mama’s shadow.

They both grew to be bigger than we expected. We were told they would probably top off at 15 lbs. Liam is between 23-25 lbs and Sam is between 19-21 lbs. They’ve grown quite a bit considering they were 4 lbs when we adopted them, and Liam was the runt! One of the people who keeps them when we are out of town has seen one of the other boys in the litter since we adopted them, and she said he has ears that stick up like Sams but is built like Liam, only smaller. Tom loves knowing that our little runt ended up being the biggest, at least for the 3/5ths of the litter that we know about!

What a difference a year makes: Our family on July 20, 2008 (Left) and on July 20, 2009 (right).
What a difference a year makes: Our family on July 20, 2008 (Left) and on July 20, 2009 (right). Click to enlarge.

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