Sharing Is Nice.

I dig chicks ( got your attention, guys? haha) who want to share their great deals with others. Jennifer Smith is a queen when it comes to great deals, and she is so happy to give away her information on how she does it. This girl could probably feed her family of two for $30 a week if she had to. It’s amazing.

Other sites where you can find great deals listed are by Jennifer Willis, sister-in-law of Jessica Willis, and Whittaker Woman, of whom I spoke last week. She is a mom, after all. She finds good deals.

And most girls I know love a good deal. If you were raised in my family, you know that sharing a good deal you got on a gift is probably as exciting for us as the gift itself. It was no unusual thing to hear someone say at Christmas time or birthdays, “Do you like it? Oh I’m so glad! I knew you would, so I looked, and I found it at XYZ store for $50 less than it was listed online, then I had a coupon for half-off!” Now, that might sound really odd to most people, and we don’t usually tell our friends if we find great deals on their gifts, but when we give gifts within our family, we get excited over stuff like that. In response you might hear, “Wow! That’s a great deal! Thanks so much!” We’re freaks, but we save money, so who cares?

That being said, I’m going to share a little right now. If you go to or, and scroll down, you will find yourself in coupon heaven. You can select the number of each coupon you want printed (for example, I might want 3 prints of the coupon for toothpaste and one print of the coupon for General Mills cereal), going down the list until you’ve selected all you want. Then you print it, and it will print out the coupons onto your computer paper. Then you try to find manufacturer coupons for the same items, and you are golden because if you have $1 off of any one General Mills cereal at Target, then you get a manufacturer’s coupon for $2 off any Gen. Mills cereal, you might end up paying 24 cents for cereal at Target instead of $3.24. This might sound time consuming and pointless to some, but think about how much you will save each trip. Say you save only $10 a grocery run, and you go to the grocery store 2 times a month.  Well, you’ve just saved yourself $240 a year. I think we can all agree that we’d like an extra $240/year. And that’s if you only save $10.

Are you excited about all you’ll save yet? I am; I just love a bargain. And the chicks who share them.


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