Weeded, Edged, Mowed, Rye’d, & Mulched

**Even though I didn’t write this post (Tom did for our old blog), I wanted to include it on Loquacious Lady so that you could see the progression for our yard.***

After those last two posts, hopefully we’ve not lost all male readers. I figured maybe I could counteract the femininity of shoes and coupons with yard work. Except now that I say it, it sounds really boring.

Nonetheless, a few months ago I mentioned that we’d spent some time out in the yard getting rid of all the weeds. For the weeks after that, I’ve tried to be pretty diligent about mowing, weed eating, and edging. It’s gone pretty well – there were some definite improvements, but there were still some bare patches throughout the yard.

With fall just around the corner, I decided to spend some time getting the yard ready for the coming months. Since the lawn originally consisted of sod, it’s likely to turn brown once it gets cold. I’d prefer the yard remain green for as long as possible and I’d like to fill in some of the bare areas we have. Ryegrass seemed to be the best choice given the current situation. So Friday afternoon, I mowed the grass down to the lowest setting (to make sure the seeds would fall through to the ground) and planted ryegrass throughout the entire yard. Permitting that we provide enough water, we should see results start in about a week.

In addition to planting seeds, I also mulched the hill behind the lawn. Before Friday, the juniper was accented by a lots of dirt. Lots. It was getting kinda boring to see it when looking out the window. Meghan and I decided on red cedar so after picking up a few bags, we’ve got a mulched backyard. Unfortunately, I ended up making two trips to Home Depot because I didn’t get enough of the stuff on my first trip. 12 bags later, we have results:


Hopefully we’ll begin to see some more grass (preferrably green, at that) over the next few weeks.

Until then,

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