Hi, from your creepy neighbors.

We looked this creepy today.
We looked this creepy today.

Tom and I started off our Sunday as usual. Woke up, had breakfast, went to church, came home, had lunch. We needed to spend some time planning for our small group, which kicks off tomorrow (so excited!), and we went to hang out and talk in the backyard. Since it is so beautiful today, we unlocked and pushed up all the windows so the breeze could blow through the house as well. After coming in from outside, we cleaned the inside of all the windows (we had no idea until today how gross they were, not having opened them all summer), closed and locked them, and continued on cleaning into the living room and kitchen, until the downstairs was looking really squeaky. Then we thought we would go for a run on the Suwanee Greenway.

This is where the day began to get kind of weird. First of all, a runner, I am not. Tom is about to run his second half-marathon, but I am a wheezy, out of shape, asthmatic who sounds like she is going to die after half a mile. So, I find myself on the greenway with Tom, trying not to die or scare the little children out with their families with my horrible breathing, and we come upon the aftermath of some flooding. Mud city. We ran through mud (I almost fell in it), we ran through puddles, we ran through more mud. Tom was wearing his brand new running shoes, poor thing. So by the time we get back to the car, we both know we are putting the shoes in the trunk before we get in.

When we arrive home, barefoot and muddy, we realize that each of us assumed that the other had their house key. Tom had his car key off the key chain, and I’d left my keys in my purse. This has never happened to us before. So now we are trying to decide how much we will freak out the neighbors who are pulling into the driveway next to us if we ask to use their phone to call a locksmith while we are muddy, sweaty, and barefoot, hanging out in our driveway.

Trying to not be total weirdos, I suggest that maybe we should see if we left one of the windows to the back yard unlocked. This means we have to climb the fence that is locked from the inside. Oh boy. So I give Tom a leg up, and he scrambles over the fence, taking care not to land on Sam and Liam who are so excited to see him on the other side that they are trying to get right under him. He unlocks the gate and lets me in. It just happened that ONE window was still unlocked into our office. So Tom pulls the screen out and pushes the window up. I crawl through the window to go unlock the door. Sam decides that she wants to follow and jumps through the window. So not only did I have to “break and enter” into our home, but one of our dogs did too. Then Tom fixes the screen, and we make sure we DO lock the window that time.

After all of this, I decide to put our shoes, socks, and the nasty rags we used to clean the windows this afternoon into the wash so that we can get it all cleaned up. After it’s been going for a few minutes, I mention this to Tom and find out his Nike Plus sensor was still in his shoe. Oops. I fished it out, but whether or not it will work is still to be seen. I’m hoping it will be no different than if he went for a run in the rain or through some puddles.

Yeah, so we went from normal Sunday to breaking and entering in one afternoon. Who wants an ordinary life anyway?


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