Weeded, Edged, Mowed, Rye’d, & Mulched II

**Even though I didn’t write this post (Tom did for our old blog), I wanted to include it on Loquacious Lady so that you could see the progression for our yard.***

Although we moved into this house in May, I didn’t really get around to begin working on the yard until early June. Aside from doing the usual mowing, weed eating, and edging, that was when I began to actually start pulling weeds.

Then, in September, I talked about how I was attempting to get the yard ready for the upcoming fall and winter months. Part of this goal was to also improve the overall appearance of the yard. I was tired of seeing dead patches of grass all over the place.

After mulching, we planted the first round of rye grass in hopes of getting the yard to look a little greener. It helped andsome progress was made, but the grass was patchy at best and a lot of the rain that we had didn’t really do much save for washing the rest of the seed away:

Flood washing away the seed

Shortly thereafter, I picked up a few more bags of seed and decided to saturate the ground with as much seed as much as possible. Though it took a couple of weeks for it all to grow, we finally have a decent looking yard. Granted, there’s still some flowers we’d like to plant and some additional areas we’d like to mulch, but we should be good to go until March rolls around.

The backyard has come around pretty well considering we’ve got too terrier mutts that like to, ahem, tear across the yard most of the afternoon:


The front yard has finally begun to look decent in comparison to the rest of the neighborhood. Prior to now, the yard consisted of a little bit of live grass, a little bit of dead grass, and a little bit of no grass:

Front Yard

Remember back during the first week of elementary school, teachers always had you write a short paper on What I Did On My Summer Vacation? Though I had no real summer vacation, my paper would primarily consist of everything you’ve read here.

It’s been fun, but it’s time to turn our attention to stuff inside the house. As usual, we’ll be sure to share whatever comes along.

And that’s what I did on my summer vacation,

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