Vicious Virus

Tom and I have been battling illness at our house, and I think we’ve finally won. Two weeks ago, Tom started to feel bad, and he turned out to be running a fever. He developed a bad cough and was given antibiotics for strep throat. He was hoping it would clear up quickly so that by the time the weekend arrived, he would be 100% and ready to run in the half marathon (13.1 Atlanta) that he had been preparing for. Unfortunately, this was not to be the case. Poor Tom was so disappointed, but by the time Sunday arrived, I was driving him to my parents’ house to get checked out by dad instead of to a race.

I had begun coughing a little earlier in the week, but I was still going to work and not feeling as bad as Tom. By the time we left mom and dad’s house last Sunday, I was feeling pretty bad. When we got home, I was freezing. I put on warm pajamas, a hat, fuzzy socks, 5 blankets, and had a mug of hot tea that Tom made me before I quit shivering all over. I was still not really warm, just not freezing anymore. The last time that happened, I was really sick. So I took my temperature, and of course found out that I was at 102.4 degrees. Lovely.

Hoping that, like Tom, I would battle the fever for 24 hours and then battle the cough for the rest of the week, I was disappointed to find that my fever wore on and on. Sunday through Thursday night I had a fever ranging from 99.9-102.4 degrees. I ached all over, had a horrible cold, and came to face the fact that I had the flu. I hate the flu.

During that time (Sunday-Thursday), I ate only: one can of spaghettios, a handful of chips, a handful of craisins, and 2.5 pieces of toast. I just had NO appetite. I finally forced myself to eat some chicken and rice on Thursday night (really yummy and prepared by Tom, wow. I mean, the guy lived off of cereal while I was sick.), and that seemed to give my body the nourishment it needed to kick the fever. I was even able to sleep through the night that night. On Friday, I woke up feeling better than I had all week. I was still sick, but at least I was fever free. I got right to work on the house. Everything I had touched either got “Lysoled” or put into the washing machine. I have no desire for those germs to exist in this house. Sam and Liam were great company while we took turns being home, sick and alone. They would stay by the side of whoever was sick and check on us, sleeping on the floor beside us wherever we went in the house.

So now, Tom and I are both coughing loudly and going through boxes of tissues, but we’re happy that we feel better than we have in a while. Tom is running again, and he’ll probably do a half marathon in the spring. We are no longer contagious, and that is great news!  Tom has been back at work for a week, and I am back this week. Sam and Liam enjoyed having “Mahm and Dahd” at home, but they even seem excited that we have our energy back enough to throw the ball and play in the yard with them. We’re so pleased just to not be sick. Now if I can just avoid all the sick kids at work for the rest of the year…

“Long life to you! Good health to you and your household! And good health to all that is yours!” -1 Samuel 25:6


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