For a while now, Tom and I have been wanting to get into this workout called P90X. We know a ton of people who have done it and loved it. Don’t laugh, but what really got me was the infomercial.

Stop laughing.

On the infomercial, there were all these people who had before and after testimonials (with pictures) and videos of them doing the workouts in their houses or place of work (usually just the firemen and policemen could do it at work). But my favorite, what really got me, was this mom. She is probably in her early 30s, and she has a few kids. She said people had just told her to deal with it that post-baby-body is just not going to be something you love as much as the body you had before. And she didn’t want to hear it. So she tried P90X. And when she started, she couldn’t do more than hang from a pull-up bar. Now she looks fantastic (and she can pump out some pull-ups). No one on the infomercial says it’s easy. It’s not. But they say it’s worth it. I’m hoping it is.

The whole P90X thing is supposed to last 3 months (and you can do it again if you want to, you own the dvds) and go 6 days a week. Commitment. Tom and I are doing  it a bit differently. See, there are apparently different workout goals you can do with the dvds by just using certain ones and doing them in a certain order. We want to do the lean workout.  I don’t want to get bulky with muscle. I want to lose weight and get tone again…ah for the high school days. Well, not so much the days as the body.  And Tom wants to keep up his running, so we are doing it every other day and hitting the pavement or treadmill on the off days. Between the treadmill and P90X, I am hoping to see a big difference in my body in a few months. (I’ll probably have to change my diet a bit, too, but that is my least favorite part.)

Because we started with the lean program yesterday afternoon, we started with DVD 8- Core Synergistics. All I have to say to that is: OWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW.  My muscles are clearly not up to speed on banana rolls. Yikes. My whole body groaned in protest when I tried to get out of bed this morning. I almost gave up. But I really didn’t want Liam to tinkle in the house, and as he was dancing around the bedroom, I knew I had to get up. (See, I might not have given birth to my babies, but I am still their mama. And I’m trying to lose weight. And I can’t do a pull up either. And I’ve got a chubby “before” picture (though no great “after” picture yet). So I’m kind of like that woman in the infomercial who is a mom trying to slim down. Right? Too far of a stretch?)

Suffice it to say, I have been owned. By a dvd. In my own home, in front of my incredibly in shape husband who told me to suck it up this morning when I said I hoped the pain was going to be worth it. If I lose a significant amount of weight in the on coming months, I might even post before and after pictures.


What kind of workouts and diets do you find work?

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