Dog Parks

It was very rainy earlier in the week, so when yesterday dawned, sunny and bright, I was excited about a nice day. I had some errands to do in the morning, and I knew that when Tom got home from work, we would be busy with P90X. So, that afternoon, when Liam sadly squeeked his favorite ball and laid down next to me, I knew what I had to do. These poor pups had been cooped up for days and were ready to play. I wanted to read. So I thought I would take them to a dog park.

When they are in a dog park, Sam and Liam don’t need toys, not even their favorite, green, squeaky ball. They just LOVE other dogs. They want to run and wrestle and play. They want to sniff and jump and bark. They want to mark and drink water and get dirty. They embody joy. So, there is no need for me to do anything. I could sit back and read.

Except that, after a 30 minute drive to the closest dog park, I found it deserted. “Why is no one here?” I wondered. I saw plenty of dogs at this park on a walk with their owners. But none were in the dog park. Then I saw why. Mud. Everywhere. Apparently, most people would prefer to let their dogs be cooped up for a few more days than clean out their cars with the mud that will be tracked in after a romp in the dog park. I understand that. But it was still disappointing. Sam and Liam spent the first 30 minutes walking around and sniffing and wrestling each other. They also whined whenever someone would walk by and not come in to play. They jumped on me and got me filthy. And I felt obligated to play with my lonely pups instead of read. I hadn’t brought any toys, so I tried to teach them to use some of the agility things in the park. Sam got the hang of it really quickly. Liam doesn’t like heights so much. And I hadn’t brought any treats to bribe or reward them with. I’d only brought water for them.

Sam and Liam look mean here, but they were just wrestling to pass the time.
Sam and Liam look mean here, but they were just wrestling to pass the time.

Then, finally, a lady went into the dog run next to ours and let her big golden retriever run around and splash in the HUGE puddles there. Sam and Liam were DYING to go play with this dog. I was just about to give in when Tiny showed up at our enclosure with her human. Tiny is a 2-year-old cocker spaniel. She and my pups got acquainted quickly and were having a blast when Doyle showed up with his humans. Doyle is a year old and looks like he’s part border collie. And then a golden retriever showed up and quickly joined the other golden. Finally, Frisko joined us. Frisko is about 9 months old and is part golden, part German shepherd. Sam and Liam were in heaven. They LOVED going around, thinking they were big dogs, and wrestling around. They ran and jumped and barked with joy. It made my mama-heart full to see it.

Here’s a video of Frisko joining the other dogs at the park and meeting Sam and Liam.

What began as a disappointing trip ended well, and I was so glad that we ended up going. On Sam and Liam’s list, dog parks are some of the best places in the world. Definitely top 5.


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