Thanksgiving Week

Tom and I had a busy week last week, as I am sure most of you have as well. On Wednesday, we took the dogs into Conyers to the kennel my family uses, and then we continued on to Covington. Tom and I hung out at mom and dads having lunch when we first arrived. Then I spent the day helping mom prepare Thanksgiving dishes, and Tom spent the day…actually, I don’t know what he was doing. I think he was on his laptop, then my brother, Jonathan, sister-in-law, Lisa, and their kids, Tyler, Madeline, Anna Kate, and Violet all arrived back (they had come into town the night before) from visiting friends. After that, we all hung out together.

Preparing for Thanksgiving is just as much a part of the tradition for me as eating the actual food. We have certain dishes every year-cranberry, dressing, turkey, green bean casserole, squash casserole, macaroni and cheese (a secret recipe baked version, not a Kraft or Velveeta version), rolls, and some yummy desserts. Mom and I spent Wednesday working in the kitchen. It’s amazing how quickly you can get that much food put together when two people are working on it! Kristen and James flew in on Thanksgiving Day, and she made garlic mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie to add to the buffet. YUM.

On Thanksgiving, Tom and I got up and drove to the other side of Covington to his Nana’s house to have lunch with his family. One of my favorite things about Tom’s family is that after the food is cleared, we all sit down and play games, laugh, and have a good time after every major holiday. They know how to pick on each other without being mean, and we always end up laughing throughout the game. Ben, Tom’s brother, has tons of games. My favorite one that we played this year was Apples to Apples. Unfortunately, Tom and I left before we got done with that game. But we still had a great time hanging out, and there’s always Christmas.

The reason we left early is that we needed to get back to my parents’ house. Jordan and Sarah had arrived by this point, so all my siblings, their spouses, and their children had arrived. We had a nice time eating and catching up. At some point during dinner, Jordan and Anna Kate (she’s 3) got into a naming war. In the end, he was calling her Blanket while she called him Cake-Ball-Head. When Madeline was her age, he did this and was called Uncle Willis for a year or two. I’m personally hoping that Cake-Ball-Head sticks. haha

Friday, Tom and I were eager to pick up the dogs and get back to Suwanee because we were picking out our tree that day! One year ago (to today, actually) I got HORRIBLY sick and wasn’t able to go with Tom to pick out our tree for our first Christmas as a married couple. Thankfully, he knows me well and picked the PERFECT tree for our apartment. So this was our first chance to get our tree together. I am awful about picking out trees. Ask my mom, ask my sister, I am the pickiest tree person EVER. I will debate a tree with you until you pick the one I want. It has to be tall enough to look big in the room, full enough without gaps in the branches (unless it’s able to be faced to the wall), not too skinny, not too thin at the top, and look fresh. Tom has been with me many times to get my parents’ Christmas tree, so he knows this about me, and he was prepared to pull out 20 trees for me to inspect before we found the right one. But, we found a great selection at Lowes. To both our surprise, we walked right to our tree, pulled it out from the bunch, loved it, and bought it. That’s a first for me. I’ve never found a tree so quickly before. =)

We got it home and in the stand, then I cleaned up the house while Tom worked out. Later, Tom’s parents and the Hoopers (our friends Suzanne and  Will’s parents) all came up because Lawson Hooper works in security systems and helped us get our house system armed, which we really appreciated. We all went to Frontera (my favorite place for Mexican food, yay!) afterward. Tom said, “When did we get so boring that we started hanging out with my parents and their friends on a Friday night?” hahahaha We actually love hanging out with his parents and the Hoopers. Tom’s grown up with those two families vacationing together, so they’re like family.

On Saturday, Tom and I got out our GT/UGA House Divided flag and hung it on the door. Ben gave it to us before we got married, and we loved using it last night! We had some friends over (all the girls were UGA grads, and all the guys were GT grads, how appropriate) to watch the game, and everyone had a fun time. We all poked fun at each other, but everyone took it in stride and had fun yelling at the tv. I love having a group of friends who can watch a game that is between two huge rivals but can still have fun and get along no matter the outcome. It probably helped that none of the girls gave the guys a hard time about about losing and that the guys were good sports about their team dropping the ball in the last few minutes.

So that was our fun Thanksgiving week. I hope yours was fun and safe as well! Now we can all listen to Christmas music, go Christmas shopping, and get into the Christmas holiday spirit, yay! Christmas is the favorite holiday if the year for this family. =)


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