My Babies

Tom laughs because I still call Samantha and Liam puppies and say they are babies. They’re actually 1.5 and (we hope) full grown. When we first met them in July 2008 (and adopted them within an hour of meeting them), they were only 4lbs, and we were told that Liam MIGHT get up to 20 lbs but that they would most likely top out at 15lbs. He was the runt, and she was the only girl.

Now, Sam is 21 lbs, and Liam is 30lbs. So much for those estimates. The person who has kept them for us a few times ran into one of their brothers at a dog park, and she said his ears stick straight up like Sam’s but that he is a little more solid, like Liam. She said he was a little smaller than Liam also. So, our runt ended up being the largest of  3/5ths of their litter, at least. We don’t know about the other two boys. All we know is that the entire litter was adopted within a couple weeks of us taking the first two home, which we were happy to hear.

Tom and I love to look back at those first few months-especially at the videos. It cracks us up how much they have changed, yet so many things about them and their personalities are the same. They still LOVE plush, squeaky toys. They love to wrestle. They love to play with dogs and with people, to meet anyone we have over, and to have our attention. They still love dog parks, walks, and being outside. Sam still takes FOREVER to find the *perfect spot* to go potty. Liam still hates getting his paws wet, and getting either Sam or Liam out in the rain to go potty is a pain.  Sam still checks my nightstand daily to see if I have left anything there that she might want to hide in their bed. They both still love to find the places where sun shines onto the floor in our house so they can sleep there.

They are also less destructive, better trained, and communicate what they need now. They are potty trained (have been since they were about 7 months old) and never seem to have accidents anymore.  They can make car trips without getting sick, though Sam insists on being in my lap. They don’t chew on our furniture, bath mats, or straps on clothes anymore. They don’t wake us up consistently at 6AM anymore. They also don’t run in circles with excitement every time we feed them anymore, which we kind of miss. Their little bellies don’t swell up with food the way baby bellies do every time they eat anymore, which was just adorable. And their legs are certainly much longer. Also, Liam’s ears are more often out to the sides instead of folded straight over, though he can make them fold over when he wants.

It’s good to remember how far they’ve come, because otherwise, we would miss the teeny-tiny puppy phase. They were honestly some of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen. But am I ever glad to sleep through the night, to have clean carpet, to have lotion bottles that aren’t perforated with little holes from needle-like, puppy-teeth, and to be able to leave the dogs at home without a worry when I run errands.

I still can’t resist…Check out these videos:

Video 1: July 20, 2008. The day we brought them home.

Video 2: July 22, 2008. Two days into puppy parenthood.

You can’t tell me they aren’t adorable. You know they are. Now go to the Humane Society or ASPCA and adopt one of your own, please, before I got out and get a 3rd dog.


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