How Can You Not Love This?

In the last post, I mentioned that Wishbone was one of my favorite shows when I was younger. I just have a few pictures to show you of Soccer, the dog who played Wishbone, dressed up for different characters in literature he depicted. How could any kid not enjoy seeing this dog as the main character?

Here's Wishbone's Logo
Here’s Wishbone’s Logo
Wishbone poses with some of his favorite stories.
Wishbone poses with some of his favorite stories. (Yes, he did show each of those stories on the show.)
Robin Hood
Robin Hood
Robin Hood Again
Robin Hood Again
Journey to the Middle of the Earth
Journey to the Middle of the Earth. They Made this one a book, as you can see.
Ivanhoe. Again, another one made into a book.
Sherlock Holmes
Sherlock Holmes
Romeo and Juliet
Romeo and Juliet. Here’s another one so popular that it was made into a book.

Honestly, can you look at these adorable pictures of Soccer, depicting Wishbone, depicting famous characters from literature, and say it wouldn’t be a popular kids’ show? I think not.

Fun Trivia: Soccer lived for 13 years (1988-2001). He was named after his mutlicolor markings, like soccer balls, and after the fact that he loved to play with toy soccer balls (dog sized ones, I imagine). And he was also in Mighty Dog commercials before his big break in Wishbone.


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