I give you….Pillowtalk

It started in high school, and it got worse as I got older. I talk in my sleep. I also walk in my sleep. I have been known to attempt to pull my husband’s foot off and tell him he told me I could have said foot in my sleep. (No, he did not.) It’s just one of the things I do. I don’t know why. My friends and family have gotten used to it.

Well….for the most part, they’ve gotten used to it. Tom is the one who suffers the most. He LOVES his sleep. And here I am, waking him up by talking in my sleep, pretty much every night since we got married. He doesn’t like waking up for no good reason, and he’s ok with telling my sleeping self to shut it. I’m ok with that too, because I don’t want to wake him up. But every now and then, there’s a (mostly one-sided) conversation that, while annoying in the wee hours of the morning, is amusing to Tom when he’s awake. And then I know it’s going public. I overheard him laughing about me with his parents on the phone the other day. And today….today I was featured on his blog. I’m okay with it. If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.


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