Bokeh and a Love Note for My Camera

I like that word. =) Bokeh, Bokeh, Bokeh. BOW-KUH.

I love my Nikon. Nikon D90, I love you. Thank you for being my Christmas present. I plan to use you for many years. You are my first (and only, for now) SLR. I cherish you. You will capture pictures of my children, someday, when they exist. You have captured pictures of my husband, my nephew and nieces, and all the pets that I love. You have caught the expressions of my parents, my siblings, and sibling-in-laws. You have frozen the silly expressions of so many of my wonderful friends.

And because of you, I have learned about bokeh. I know how to focus on something and have everything else all out of focus. That’s as technical as I’m getting here, today.

Thank you Nikon, for allowing me to be the person that the hubs turns to for some of his pictures on his blog. Because he needed Bokeh. And the Canon PowerShot, while a good and faithful point-and-shoot, was not up for the task. But you allowed me to grasp you with my cold, circulation-challenged hands, and take that photo.

Soon, I will have my own blog. And I promise to have a photography section. And as we learn more about one another, our pictures will improve, and people will see a difference. I hope. But regardless, I love you, Nikon. And I love the bokeh we make together.


2 thoughts on “Bokeh and a Love Note for My Camera”

    1. I’m still learning too! The things I find most important so far: Setting my white balance, knowing how to use manual focus in case my auto focus won’t do what I want, learning about aperture and shutter speed and ISO for shooting in manual setting, and recently, I’ve learned to let go of having to shoot in manual ALL the time. I use Aperture Priority sometimes and adjust it with the little exposure compensation. I find really useful information from Pioneer Woman’s photography section of her blog. Definitely check it out!

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