If I Were A Flight Attendant….

If flying was part of your job, where would you try to get sent?  (Though imagine it wouldn’t be just for a day or two, but for a week at least. I mean, you want to enjoy being there.)

I would definitely choose Italy because I’ve wanted to go there for ages, especially after one of my roommates in college went and fell in love with the country. She spent our entire senior year talking about how much she loved Italy. And I am now dying to go. I want to go and photograph everything, eat the food, drink the wine…I also really love learning about and seeing historical things, so I would love to see all the ruins.

Another country I would love to visit is New Zealand. Tom and I have talked about wanting to go there and to all the beautiful land where The Lord of The Rings was shot. And although we would be close, I do NOT want to go to Australia. Everything I fear lives there. Sharks (especially GREAT WHITE SHARKS  *shudder*), crocodiles, deadly snakes, huge and deadly spiders. No thank you.

I would really like to go to Israel and do a Holy Land Tour. I mean…It would be so awesome to walk where Jesus walked and to see what it was like to some degree. It always makes history come alive for me when I can picture what I’m reading about. And I would love to see the Promised Land.

Another country I’ve never been to and want to visit is China. I want to walk the Great Wall of China, mostly. Does that sound silly?

Of course, I would try to get in trips to the Bahamas and other tropical places all the time. I love the beach, especially when the water is clear and warm.

And, though I’ve been there, though it’s in our own country, I would love to go to New York again. It’s such a big city, so busy. I want to go back. Also, the Grand Canyon. I really want to go there and do river rafting.

Also, I would definitely take advantage of flying for free in order to visit friends and family members that live all over. We know people spread from coast to coast. I wish we could visit them more often!

Where would you go?


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