The Final Meal

You know how people on death row get to have any meal of their choice before they are executed? It’s kind of like one last thing to enjoy before you die, as gruesome as that sounds. Call me crazy, but it would be hard to enjoy that meal knowing that you’d die shortly thereafter. Well, not that I think any of you are on death row, especially because I doubt you have internet access there, but…if you had to choose, what is your favorite meal? Or food?

I have a few things that I absolutely love, like cheese dip and the brown salsa and the chips at Frontera, platanos maduros, steak cooked medium rare, cheese fries and ranch dip from Outback, and chocolate cake with lots of fudgy icing. (I’m kind of hungry right now; can you tell?)

So maybe I’d have that for appetizers and dessert. Yes, steak could be an appetizer.

But my absolute favorite meal would be:

Sherry Chicken

Crescent Rolls (The big, flaky, buttery ones, yum)

White Rice

Red Jello with Bananas and Mandarin Oranges

Green Bean Casserole with LOTS of French’s Fried Onions on top (They give me an upset stomach now, most of the time, but I’m dying in this scenario, so who cares?)

Sweet Tea

OH MY GOODNESS. We are so having that on Sunday for lunch. I can’t write about it unless I can have access to it.

It’s a meal I grew up with, and it’s my favorite. We always got to request the meal cooked for our birthday when we were at mom and dad’s house for it, and my choice has been either Sherry Chicken (if we didn’t want to order food) or Outback (steak and cheese fries for me, of course) for years and years. Delish.

And, just because it’s so awesome, I’m going to share the Sherry Chicken recipe, in case you want to knock your taste buds off with my favorite comfort food. This meal tastes like home to me. Just so you know, I usually double the ingredients, except for the chicken, salt, and pepper. I like to have lots of sauce. But I will put the original recipe for you. It’s so easy and so scrumptious. =)

Sherry Chicken:

8 Boneless Chicken Breasts (I actually use tenders)

1/4 cup of cooking sherry or white wine

8oz sour cream

2 cans of cream of mushroom soup



Several Pats of Butter

Preheat Oven to 350. Salt and pepper chicken and place in the bottom of casserole dish. Mix wine, sour cream, and soup in bowl then pour over the chicken. Pat with butter. Cover with foil and bake one hour. Remove foil, allow to bake for 10-15 more minutes. (you don’t have to do that last part with removing the foil, but I like to.)

Enjoy! Now tell me what your favorite meal is! =)

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