In November I left my job, and I haven’t regretted it. It was like a HUGE boulder was on my chest, and then I could suddenly breathe. That was NOT the place I was meant to be, and the stress was outrageous. Since then, I’ve been looking for a part-time job. I considered teaching home-school kids Spanish, but then remembered how much I hateteaching and decided not to put myself right back in another job that I am not cut out to do. I interviewed with a family with 4 kids whose nanny was going back to her country in Costa Rica, but they decided that they were going to try going without a nanny after all. Not because of me. She sent me an email later that said, “Also, might you be interested in babysitting on the weekends from time to time and possibly doing an overnighter occasionaly? I was very impressed at your interview and feel very strongly that you will make an excellent nanny and mother:-). Just a gut feeling I have. I would feel very secure w/ you caring for our kids anytime- if you are interested.” Which I thought was really sweet of her. So, never fear, they did not meet me and decide that they would rather go without a nanny than ever see me again.

Then I applied for a position as a part-time vet tech at a vet’s office in Duluth. By the time I came in to apply, they already had some dude lined up for a working interview that Saturday. I’m telling you, when jobs are scarce, people don’t waste any time. I came in the day I heard about the position, and it was already gone. Geez. But, I’ve thought about that one since then, and it might be a good thing that the other person beat me to it, because it might considered unprofessional to cry when the vet euthanizes peoples’ pets. And I’m pretty sure I would cry every time. I have had cats and dogs in my life (and a few fish, but those stories ended quite badly) since before I was two, and I get the deep love and attachments that you get to your “babies.” I’m a bleeding heart for pets. If someone were to hurt one of mine, on purpose, I would have a very hard time letting that go. “You don’t understand how serious this is. They killed my dog.” Name that movie.

Okay, so today I am going to meet with Jessica‘s friend Audrey. Audrey and her husband have an adorable baby boy. And they need a nanny. But Audrey’s cousin, a teacher who is looking for a job, is living with them and can help out for now. But come time for school to start back (or a couple weeks beforehand), they’re thinking the cousin will have a job. Then they will need a nanny. And Jess suggested me because she’s awesome like that. And if it works out, I would work Monday through Thursday from about 8AM-3PM and have Fridays off. (Audry is at home on Fridays.) Sounds sweet. I would still be home when Tom was home, and Fridays I could do errands or laundry or whatever. The only thing is that they will not need me until about the end of July or beginning of August. Maybe occasionally they will need me to help out while the cousin goes to interviews or out of town. But that could also be good, because that means that July 4th, going on vacation with families, actually going to the pool this summer, and seeing friends might be done without inconveniencing work. That’s the way Tom and I are choosing to look at it.

I don’t want Audrey to feel obligated to pick me. On the other hand, if it does work out, it will be cool to have Jess as a common link. We’ve decided to pray about it and leave it in God’s hands. If he doesn’t want this job for me, it won’t happen. And I won’t take it personally.

Bring it on, job possibility number 3, interview number 2. =)


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