A Quick Blurb of Praise

Just wanted to shout out to the hubs. He is one hard-working guy, and he is (on a Saturday) sitting in the kitchen with papers piled neatly around him while he diligently works on our tax info. I hate math and try to avoid it at all costs. Tom is good at math and prefers to be the one who handles our finances and tax information. I am happy to relinquish this chore to him. But he’s worked all week, and he’s sitting there working his rear off on the taxes on the weekend. And he wants to help me out by making a blog just for me. We’ll work out some details of the site later this weekend. He works on a website all week long, then he works for us on the weekends. Doing more code. For free. Well, I did make him brinner last night. But still. Come summer time, when Careerbuilder goes to “summer hours” (translation: half days on Fridays), Tom will spend that time working on the yard. And enjoy it. The man is a hardworking machine. Kind of makes me feel bad that I’m still in my pj’s at 11AM as I type this. But not bad enough to get showered and dressed right away.

Point is, my husband works hard. And I appreciate it. I’m so glad I’m married to him. =)


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