Angry Kangaroo

We have a kangaroo living in our house. Have I not mentioned that? Well, we do.

Yes, we call him “Angry Kangaroo.” We bought him for the pups when they were about 8 months old. They got tired of him pretty quickly. Green ball, the standard favorite toy around these parts, is very squeaky and easy to hold in one’s mouth, or so Liam seems to think. (He is the one who really shows partiality to certain toys. Sam will play with anything he will play with, it seems.) So, each night, Liam wants us to chase him around to get the green ball from him, throw it, and chase him some more. Some nights, we don’t want to run around. So Tom takes green ball, sets it on a counter or desk or bookshelf, and hopes Liam doesn’t see it and whine until we give it back.

Liam and Sam are pretty smart, though. They have figured out all of our “out of reach” places for ball. It’s apparently not hard for dogs to find a bright green ball. And Liam was whining. So, feeling pity but unwilling to get the ball down, I decided to rummage through the doggy bin in the pantry. This is where treats, dog meds, extra bowls, collars, leashes, vet info, and hidden toys are kept. And I found a kangaroo. This strangely angry-looking kangaroo. He has his hands on his hips and is scowling. Probably because he’s a dude, but he has this line on his belly to represent a pouch. I remembered kangaroo had little success last year, but I figured he would be enough to distract the pups for one night.

Oh boy, was I wrong. The kangaroo makes this weird, birdlike, squeaking, squawking sound when squeezed. And Liam LOVED it. And not only that, I got it out for him. So I must want to play with it too, right? He was so pumped to have this new, even more annoying, noise-making toy to bring to me over and over and over again. And he loves it almost as much as he loves green ball.

Angry Kangaroo. We Meet Again.
Angry Kangaroo. We Meet Again.

Guess where Angry Kangaroo is now? On the counter. Green ball is on the floor. In fact, it seems like all of their toys are strewn about the floor instead of in the basket I am forever returning them to. Because two dogs need 4 pieces of rawhide, 3 bones, two plush toys, a ball, and an angry kangaroo spread throughout the house at all times, apparently.

I think I’ll go clean up now.

~The Puppies’ Mama

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