Oh what a beautiful mooooorning…

Oh what a beautiful day. =) I’m in a great mood because I just chatted with Tom on gmail chat, and we discussed all of our favorite quotes from p90x. There’s nothing like quoting all the things you hear Tony Horton say every time you work out to get you laughing. We kept up a stream of quotes for a while, too. There are a lot of dvds in that workout set, and there are some many quotable things he says. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the guy who leads the workouts, Tony, is very enthusiastic, talkative, intense, yet silly. So he says all this random stuff, and it’s pretty amusing. After you’ve done all the workouts for weeks, you pretty much have them memorized. And the dialogue becomes kind of a joke.

Anyway, you might have noticed the change to the site. I’m planning to start using a totally different site once it’s built, and Tom offered to be a Beta tester for this theme that someone created for wordpress, so we figured we would just slap it onto this blog. We need to use it for a month. Tom might do something to make it a bit more interesting, but that should explain the change for now. Just so ya know.

Happy Monday!

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