Maybe She’s Born With It.

I love shoes. I think that’s been established. But I’ve been thinking about it since Christmas. I have 4 nieces and one niece on the way. And let me tell you, my nieces are stylin’. (I also have two nephews, but this has more to do with girls.) I’ll give Lisa (sister-in-law) mad props for dressing her kids in some super cute clothes. Mandy (another sister-in-law) also dresses Elizabeth in stylish outfits. And Kristen (my sister) will undoubtedly dress Ella in some adorable duds when she arrives. We all are different heights, body types, and personalities. We all have different styles. But where do we learn that? Or do we inherit some of that?

My Nana, my mom’s mom, is one of the most stylish ladies I’ve ever known with cool, funky ensembles. Mom has always told me that I take after Nana because I love bold things, like animal prints, and I’m not afraid to tastefully wear them (or decorate my living room with them). I love to look at pictures of Nana over the years and see the different outfits she’s worn. She has always had cool jewelry, too. My favorite pieces of my mom’s jewelry are all the things that she’s had since before I was born. The necklace she gave me for my 21st birthday was something that had been passed down to her. It’s a big amethyst clasped in gold, hanging on a thin gold chain. (see it here) I love her rings that her dad made for her or my dad gave her before they were engaged. I love the stuff that has family meaning. My favorite is the antique engagement ring she picked out when she and my dad were first engaged. Kristen will inherit the diamond covered ring and the wedding band mom has worn as long as we can both remember, but mom told me the antique ring and the other ring dad gave her before they were engaged would go to me someday. Though “less valuable,” they mean a lot to me because dad gave them to her when they were so young. They were high school sweethearts, just like me and Tom. And, while we’d both rather have our parents around, I think it’s pretty special that both of us (Kristen and I) will inherit pieces that stand for how much our dad and mom loved each other.

Ok, so that went off on a tanget. My point was…where do we get our style? Is it shaped by our culture? Our parents? Our grandparents? Our peers? Our personalities? Or are we born with it? The older I get, the more people I see with different styles that fit them. Some have super funky and eclectic styles. Some are traditional. Some are modern. Some are preppy. Some are vintage. And some of us have one predominant style with a bit of the other stuff thrown in. And the more styles I see, the more I think that we get inspired from all over. Because we wear what we feel good in. If it makes us feel attractive, we like to wear it. So I might be considered conservative because of the way I was raised, like funky stuff like animal prints because I’ve got my Nana’s blood in my veins, like wearing purple because it has been a popular color for the past couple of years, style my hair a certain way because it’s easy, wear a pair of shoes because my husband compliments them, and still own 30 t-shirts because I like to be comfortable.

And then it was Christmas. And I was given concrete proof that no matter how old (or young) a lady is, she likes to feel pretty. And she knows when she looks good. My niece, Violet, turned 1 year old in November. On Christmas day, she was given a pair of shoes as a gift. Lisa put them on her feet, and I went to take a picture. I’ll be darned if little V didn’t stick her feet right out in front of the camera to be sure I got a picture.

Violet's Shoes.

Even with her red pj’s clashing with the pink, Violet knew her new shoes were pretty.  I was never so sure I was related to that baby as I was in that moment. She was in a new pair of shoes, and she was loving it. And she wanted to share the love for her shoes with others. She has style. And you know what? She was born with it.

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