Houston, Here We Come.

Hello friends. Have any of  you been to Houston before? Tom and I are going to be in a wedding for our awesome friends, Jose and Alejandra, and it’s in Houston in the Galleria area. We will be flying in on a Friday in the early afternoon, and we’ll be flying out after the wedding on Sunday. That leaves Friday afternoon/evening/night and part of Saturday open for seeing Houston.

I would love to go to Texas and stay for a longer period of time, but we don’t want to miss my family’s vacation at the beach, so we’re flying out at 6:15 that Sunday. We also can’t afford to spend a week or two in a hotel right now. So, with limited time and funds on our hands, I want to make the most of it. I am trying to figure out where we should spend our time and have fun without spending a lot (or any, if possible) money. In the Galleria Mall? In downtown Houston? By the pool? Is there a great restaurant we just HAVE to try out? I just need some guidance. Does anyone have Houston advice?


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