The Shoe Fiasco of 2010

I wasn’t home much yesterday, so I missed posting. But let me tell you about something that happened on Tuesday. (This post has some really awful pictures, exposure/aperture wise, so you’ll just have to forgive that.)

On Tuesday, I spent the day with two of my childhood best friends. Claire Park, Esther (Little) Bratton, and I have literally known each other our entire lives. Our dads were friends and partners in their practice together before we were even born. Our families have a Christmas party together every year. All of us kids but Jonathan (he’s a little older than the rest of us) have one person from each family that is our age and was in our grade. We grew up together, and we love each other like siblings.

When Esther got married, she moved to Alabama, where her husband, Ben, works and lives. They are 9 weeks pregnant with their first baby, and Claire and I feel like aunts. We are so excited. And we’ve been wanting to go out to see her for a while now, so Tuesday, we made the road trip to Scottsboro, Alabama. We hung out at their beautiful house, met Ben for lunch (and he treated us-what a sweetie), and then did something that Claire and I have been dying to do. We went shopping at the Unclaimed Baggage Center. Oh yes. They buy up unclaimed baggage from airports and sell the stuff at a reduced price. And it’s not just stuff from suitcases. Sometimes companies leave entire crates of things. Companies like Coach, Dulce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Christian LouBoutin, Seven, True Religion, etc. There were cases of valuable jewelry, and rack after rack of clothing, shoes, coats, and handbags. There were suitcases, strollers,  and baby clothing. There were books and cookware. It was awesome. I really wanted to find a store like this that’s closer to home.

So, as I was perusing the size 7.5 shoes, I came across these gorgeous shoes:

Christian LouBoutin Shoes
Christian LouBoutin Shoes

Oh me, oh my. It was love at first sight. And they fit. And they felt so good, even with the super height of the heels. And they were Christian LouBoutin. Oh my gosh. I was wearing Christian LouBoutin shoes. And they were only $100. For those of you who aren’t in love with designer shoes, that is a friggin’ steal. I would be ROBBING that place to get them for only $100. And trust me, there is not one thing in that store I wanted more than those shoes. But I didn’t have $100 to spend, and if I spent it on those shoes, I’m pretty sure Tom would have beaten me to death with them when I arrived home. (Disclaimer: Tom is not a violent person, nor does he ever hurt me.)

But I still had to tell Tom about them when I got home: the dream that I let go in the name of budgeting. The pictures were still on my camera, so I looked them up online. And…and…I found them at a store. For $1,300. My $100 shoes were worth THIRTEEN-HUNDRED DOLLARS. And they slipped through my fingers. I’m not sure I would have had the strength to actually sell them on ebay, though that’s what I’ve been moaning about to Tom. “I could’ve sold them on ebay for half of what they were worth and made so much money!” Could I actually have given up the chance to own those sweet, sweet shoes? Probably not. But if I had, it would have been a great investment of $100. Someone (Sarah?) please tell me these were good knock-offs and that that’s why they were such a low price. I can’t find the boutique store online that I found the identical ones for $1,300 anymore, and the other snakeskin LouBoutins in Google images aren’t an exact match. That’s the closest I’ve come to consolation for these shoes.

Of course, not everything at the store is a steal. There are some…less than attractive pieces. We had to model those too.

With the sequins, the shoulder pads, and the "fur," we are styli
With the sequins, the shoulder pads, and the puffy vest with “fur,” we are stylin’.

I love those girls. And, no, we didn’t buy anything in either of the pictures. Though Ess did find some cute sweaters that she’s using for maternity clothes, Claire got a Tiffany’s charm for only $15, and I got a new wallet. The best part of the day was spending time together. And laughing at the hilarious clothes we found all over the store. =) I’m sure the people working there just loved us.


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