Snow Days

Friday, it began snowing in our area of Georgia at about 2:15  in the afternoon.  For those of you who are not from Georgia, this is huge because: A. It rarely snows in Georgia, B. It has already snowed once this winter, and C. We got 5 inches of snow. That’s  a TON of snow for us. We MIGHT get 2 inches of snow in a year. We got our 2-inch snowfall earlier this winter, so I was surprised to see so much snow in February.  I had to drive in it at about 4. There were already about 2 or three inches of snow on the ground and sticking to the roads. Again for those of you who aren’t from GA, this is bad because: A. No one here knows how to drive in the snow, B. No one here is going to pay for things to make their tires do better in the snow or ice, C. The Roads were already coated in ice, and D. I am one of those people who doesn’t do well driving in the snow. I was so freaked out by the time that I got home that I begged Tom to cancel our plans for the night so we wouldn’t die on our way to a cocktail party with friends. Well, begged is a strong word. I really said, “I really don’t think we should go out on the roads again. It was pretty bad. I saw some accidents that I would be foolish to think couldn’t happen to us.” And he said, “It’s bad? Okay.”

We were also planning to house and cat sit for my parents this weekend, but they had cancelled their plans as well. So with our entire weekend turning into staying warm in the house, we settled in for a cozy Valentines Weekend. We worked our way through this fun to-do list: photograph the snow, play with the dogs outside, catch up on tv shows, order delicious pizza (our first time ordering any food from a restaurant together in about 2 months, making it extra scrumptious), make sugar cookies, watch The Ugly Truth, watch church online, read books we feel like reading, and hang out. It was awesome. I hate cold, but I guess I can appreciate the snow for the weekend we had. Of course it’s supposed to snow again today. I’m trying to convince Tom to work from home so he doesn’t have to drive on the ice.

Here are some pictures from our snowy weekend:

Our house in the snow. And our driveway with streaks made by neighborhood kids sliding down it. We have one of the best yards for sledding in the neighborhood due to its steepness.

Our house in the snow.

The pups, wishing they were outside in the snow.

Sam and Liam wishing they were outside.

Five inches of snow on Saturday morning.

5 inches of snow

Almost five inches of snow on the fence. (There are two levels on the top of the fence, so we only counted the snow on the bottom level.)

Almost five inches of snow on the fence.

Pretty, snowy tree in front of our house.

Pretty, snowy tree.

And here’s a shot of the mailbox…with the numbers (poorly) edited out per Tom’s request. Look at the pile of snow on it!


Staying warm and making cookies for Valentines Day. Yum! And, though you can’t tell, they are on a really cute plate Sarah and Jordan gave us for our wedding. It’s perfect for Valentines Day!


Isn’t it beautiful when it snows? This was Friday evening as it got dark.


Sam and Liam LOVE playing in the snow. This was when they first went out in the snow on Friday night. They look so happy, don’t they? And they are SO fast. Maybe they’re part greyhound…

Happy Dogs Running

Liam, modeling in the snow.

Liam Posing

They were tearing through the yard. Sam and Liam are super fast-we can’t out run them. They were throwing up powdery snow behind them as they ran and slid all over the yard. Sam, as you can see, loves to antagonize Liam until he chases her, barking and hyper.

Running Fast

As much as they love running, they love wrestling more. They look so vicious when they wrestle around, but neither of them gets hurt. They have been rough-housing since they were 10 weeks old. Look how scary Sam’s mouth looks!

Sam's Scary Mouth

Shake it off, Sam, Shake it off.

Sam Shaking

On Saturday morning, it had stopped snowing. But Sam was ready to start the wrestling again. She may be smaller than Liam, but she has no fear of him.

Sam Attack

What do you mean, I have something on my face?

Sam with Snowy Nose

Oh, look, the snow guarantees to turn the dogs’ favorite spot in the yard into a mudslide for at least a week. Lovely. My floors and I really hate that about precipitation.


I tried to add a layer of warmth to the pups by putting tees on them. They thought is was an awful idea, as Liam will demonstrate. First, he gave me the, “Moooom! You have GOT to be kidding” look.

Liam in Shirt

Then he tired to shake his shirt off like an annoying fly or water after a bath.

Liam Shaking Shirt

After I gave in and took the shirt off, he rewarded me with this happy smile. I took that as him saying, “Thanks, Mom! I know you like clothes, but being naked is way better for dogs.”

Happy Liam

One last shot. These are the icicles that formed on a gutter downspout in the back of the house.  Sam and Liam really enjoyed drinking this cold water before it froze. For some reason they preferred to stand in the snow drinking ice-cold water to being inside drinking from their water bowls.


As cold as it was Friday and on Saturday morning, most of the snow was gone by early afternoon. We could see grass all over the yard. It was warm enough that we could safely go pick up a pizza on Saturday night without worrying about the roads and on Sunday to church instead of doing online church. Thank you, sunshine.

Sunday, when I came downstairs to leave for church, Tom had filled a pitcher with a dozen red roses (a Valentines Day Classic) and a very sweet note. I love receiving flowers, so I was pleasantly surprised to see them. Aren’t they pretty? The note melted me.

Roses from Tom

I gave Tom a card, but it just wasn’t picture-worthy. So romantic, huh? The thing is, I love my husband. We just don’t do a big Valentine’s Day thing, usually. Maybe when we have kids…

How did you spend the weekend? Link me to your blog if you have a post. Otherwise, just tell me in the comments!


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