Come On Up To The House

You must go download this song. The title of the post is the title of the song:  “Come On Up To The House.” I’m in love. Please make my day-go listen to Sarah Jarosz sing that song right now. It’s a bluesy bluegrass song, and it’s delightful.

Yesterday, I was reading a blog, and the lady posted a video of her daughter and her husband singing this song at a “pickin’ party.” Basically, all these people in the community were getting together, setting up microphones in front of their instruments, and playing. Guitars, banjos, upright bass, dobro, fiddle, and vocals. They sat around in a circle and played. Everyone got a chance to lead a song, while everyone else in the circle would join in. When it was her husband’s turn, the blogger’s 14-year-old (whose awesome pipes sounded like Sarah Jarosz’s vocals) daughter joined him for this song.

By the time they finished, I was doing two things:

1.) I was looking up “Pickin’ Parties” in the Suwanee Area. Then anywhere in North Georgia. I found none. If you have heard of events like this, please tell me where. I’m married to a guitarist, and we would have a blast at something like this.

2.) I was using a gift card to buy “Come On Up To The House” on ITunes. It is so good.

I KNEW Tom would love that song, and I knew I could sing it. When he got home, I had him listen to it, and he agreed to its awesomeness, so we’re gonna learn it sometime. We love to make music in this hiz-ouse. We actually have a microphone we hook up to his amp…that’s how much I love to sing and Tom loves to play guitar. Only….yeah, I freak out singing on my own in front of most people…so you’ll probably never hear that. Stage fright owns me. But when I picture us doing this song, I really picture us sitting around a fire, camping somewhere. Which is odd considering we don’t camp. We don’t want to. I like having showers and toilets and somewhere to put my contacts at night. I like soft beds and no bugs. I like to be outside. But I don’t want to sleep outside. In the woods. With the critters. Ick.

Anyway…The point is, this song begs to be played and sung. Especially if you have friends who can pick up a guitar/banjo/fiddle/what-have-you and jump in. Especially if you won’t get so nervous in front of those friends that you  no longer sound remotely like someone who enjoys singing.

My secret ambition for this song is to get my daddy to sing it with me. He has a nice voice, and I know he would like this song. I gained an appreciation for bluegrass from him. Maybe if I get him a cd with the song on it, he’ll learn it. Then at the beach this May, Tom can bring his guitar, and we can get him to join in with us. Hmm…my plan is forming.

But really, go listen to this song. Let me know what you think. Bluegrass isn’t for everyone. But if you like it, you will thank me.


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