I Wanna Be A Tough Girl

Just an update on P90X. When Tom and I first started this program, I was at a point where I could only do a few regular push-ups, maybe 6, and NO pull-ups. The program allows for you to use a chair if you need somewhere to rest your leg to hold some of your body-weight for pull-ups, so I’ve been doing that lately.

In the last work out (which lasts an hour) that we did with pull-ups and push-ups, I was encouraged to see some improvement. We did 12 different things, maxing out. Then we did them again, maxing out again. So I did all the push-ups the regular way  the first time through and with knees the second time through, while I was fatiguing.

Here’s what happened. In an hour, I did 97 regular push-ups, and I did 62 push-ups on my knees. I did 20 pull-ups.  We also did some weight lifting.

Here’s the variety of push-ups:

*Standard-hands out the width of the standard push-up.

*Military- hands by chest, arms squeeze your side, elbows don’t flare out.

*Wide Fly- hands far apart

*Decline- feet on something higher than the rest of your body

*Diamond (or Heart-to-Heart)- you make a diamond or heart with your hands and place them on the floor under your chest. Try to touch chest to hands while doing push-ups.

*Dive-Bomber-Start in downward dog position, bring head, then chest, then body down to ground until in upward dog position, then go in reverse. Here’s a video demonstrating it, but they’re selling the grips he’s using. Tom and I don’t have those. We just use the floor.

The Pull-Ups in this work-out are:

*Wide-Front Pull-Ups – hands wide apart on pull-up bar

*Reverse Grip Chin-Ups- Hands hold the bar in such a way that the insides of the wrists face you

*Closed Grip Overhand Pull-Ups- Put hands close enough together that spread thumbs could touch. Back of the wrist faces you.

Weight-lifting in this work-out:

*Heavy Pants- This name makes me laugh. But what you do is have one leg in front of the other, both legs bent. Back should be leaning forward and flat. Weights are down by your side, then you pull them up like you were putting on some pants. Then you put them down like you’re pulling those pants down. But it’s just weights. Heavy pants. Get it? I’m doing about 8 lbs with this right now. I did 35 of these the last time we did this work-out.

* Lawnmowers- You do a side lunge to the left, place left forearm on left leg above knee. Reach right hand down to weight in front of your left foot, pick up weight, and pull it like you’re trying to start a lawnmower. After you finish that set,you do the same thing with the right side. I’ve been doing 15lbs on this one, but that’s gotten to be too light, so I’m going to try 20 lbs next time.  I did 40 of these per side (or 80 total) last time we did this work out.

*Back Flys- (That’s how they spell it on the P90X sheet, flys instead of flies.) You do the same stance as Heavy Pants, pretty much, if standing. If sitting, you sit on the edge of a chair and lean forward. Arms hang by your side, weights in hands. Bend arms, lifting elbows up and back, as if trying to get your shoulder blades to touch. Right now, I’m lifting 8lbs on this one. I did 35 of these last time. Check this woman out doing back flies to the P90X video. She is lifting a ton. Good gosh she is buff.

Anyway, it’s nice to see progress; I have gotten stronger. After we finish doing the lean program, Tom and I are going to start the regular P90X (Classic) program. I’ve also started a little chart to hold myself accountable. I can tell I’ve put on muscle and that I’ve leaned out in some areas. But I’m still carrying some fat. So this is a cardio chart. I have to do 30 minutes to an hour of cardio every day (except Fridays) for 30 days. Today is day 3. I’m hoping to see a difference at the end of 30 days. And it might turn into 60 days. I’d honestly love to build up a good habit of doing cardio every day, always. But I’m starting with baby steps. 30 days, one skip day a week, 30 minutes if I’m also doing P90X that day, one hour if we aren’t doing P90X that day. And a chart so that Tom can hold me accountable. I’ll let you know if I see a change. =)


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