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Remember a while back when I said that I was going to interview with some of Jessica‘s friends from her small group for a nannying position? Well, I went. And it went well.  Audrey and Ben are a nice, laid back couple with a cutie-pie of a son named Asher. Asher and I are gonna be buds in August when I start watching him Monday-Thursday.

But then, guess what happened? Another couple from her small group needed a nanny on Fridays. Immediately. Well. Thank you, Lord for work. =) So last Friday, I started working for Austin and Elizabeth (another sweet couple), watching their adorable baby boy-Will. He is a cutie.  I’m actually typing this while he takes his nap. I know he’s napping because I’m over at his house today. They needed me to work Thursday and Friday this week.

So why the title of this blog post? Welllll…..I have, up until now, mostly been with dogs during the day. And I love them. But I’d like to try some different subjects. And now I’m going to be with babies during the week. Babies= new subjects. I can’t wait to start snappin’ away at their cute, chubby little faces.

Today, when I arrived at Will’s house, I had my laptop bag holding my laptop, external hard drives, and a book. I had a camera bag. I had a purse. And I had my lunch. I looked like I was moving in. In fact, I probably looked a little nuts. Oh well. Hopefully all the practice will help me out with improving photography skills. These babies will know me as the camera lady.

~Meghan, the Photographin’ Fool


Here’s Will. I took this today, no editing…and I’m still at his house, so I gotta run.

Will is 7 months old. And he loves to make this face and to blow spit bubbles. It’s the thing to do.

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