What Southern Girls Are Made Of…

Taste of the South
Taste of the South

You’ve heard the expressions for what boys and girls are made of. Little boys are made of “Snips and Snails, and Puppy Dog Tails” while little girls are made of “Sugar and Spice, and Everything Nice.” Well, to a degree, I guess that’s about right.

But I think you should know that Southern girls are also made of Fried Chicken, Sweet Tea, Magnolias and Beauty. =) Ok…I tried to make it rhyme. But really, there are just some things that I love about the South. A slow southern drawl. Yes Ma’am, and Yes Sir. The way the heat can last all the way through October. The big Magnolia trees in the square of my hometown. The fact that my hometown has a square. The way you’re always welcome in a friend’s house. The fact that we actually say, “Y’all come back, now!” And the way that it doesn’t take long for most non-southerners to pick up the word “Y’all.” People just smile and wave at everyone they see, at least in the small towns. “Bless his heart” comes before an insult, just so we sound genteel and softened when we need to be frank. Sweet tea is the best liquid on earth on a hot day. Or on a cold day. Fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, and biscuits are a signature dish of the south. The way that food brings families and friends together. Everything’s better with peach cobbler, pecan pie, or homemade ice cream. Babies are still seen as the blessings they were intended to be, even if they’re a surprise. Hospitality is as important as church. It’s even as important as football, unless you’re cheering for the other team. And everyone knows football is the south’s other religion. It’s so big that weddings are planned around it and groom’s cakes often feature the favorite team. Lord pity the bride that gets married on a Saturday in the fall. Bless her heart, she should’ve known better.

There are so many little things about this region that I love. It’s just got a charm all its own. What are your favorite things about where you’re from and/or where you’re living now?


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