Hello Thunder, Goodbye Sleep

Sunday night, we got a thunderstorm. Our dogs aren’t big fans of that. Rain-no problem. Thunder-scary to them. Lightening-terrifying to them. Annoying to me.

Sam woke me out of a deep sleep at about 12:40AM to take her out to potty. She had an upset stomach, so that was that. It was still dry out, and, having checked the weather forecast before bed, I was grateful for the rain holding off until after her midnight potty break.

But then, not much later, the rain fell. And the thunder rumbled. And the lightening lit up our room. We really need curtains in this house. And Sam decided that she was getting into bed to sleep in between us.

She first appealed to her mama. Now, we don’t let our dogs onto our bed or our couches. We just don’t. I don’t care if they get on the guest bed. I have time to clean that before guests use it. But we decided having two dogs sleeping on the bed with us would be too crowded. So then Sam wants up. I felt bad; I mean, I knew she was scared. I tried to compromise. I put a decorative pillow on the ground beside me and got out of bed. I picked her up and laid her on the pillow and pet her. Then I got back in bed. Then she was right back on her back two feet, front paws on the bed, trying to get me to pull her up and whimpering under her breath. Some of you might think I should have given in, but you don’t know Sam. You let her do ANYTHING once, and she thinks it’s okay forever. And I’m about to redeem myself later down.

I pet her and told her it was okay, but that wasn’t cutting it. So she went to Tom’s side of the bed. He woke up, got out of bed, picked her up, put her in her doggy bed, and pet her for a minute before getting back in bed. Then she started to beg me again. I then remembered how much she loves to make little dens out of blanket that fall over the side of the bed. And I saw that the brown feather comforter-filled duvet cover folded at the foot of our bed had been kicked to the floor (Tom and his long legs). So I crawled to the edge of the bed to call Sam over. And I got a bit of a shock. It moved. It was dark in our room, and our chocolate brown duvet cover was looking back at me. Then I could make out the shape of Liam, who was one step ahead of me. He’d already decided to make use of a feather comforter that was readily available on the floor. I tried to get Sam to join him.

Success! ….. for about 1 minute. Then the dang lightening went off again. Finally, I gave up. Neither Tom nor I would sleep as long as Sam was totally gripped with fear during this storm, which was only getting stronger by the sounds of it. So I got out of bed. I made a T shape on the floor  with a couple of decorative pillows and my pillows at the top. I laid down on them on my side with a blanket, and I was immediately swamped with puppies, which I expected. Sam curled into me so that we were spooning. I covered her in the blanket so she couldn’t see the lightening. Liam laid in the crook of my legs with his head resting on the side of my knees. And they finally fell asleep.

I had a horrible night’s sleep. I was actually pretty excited about sleeping in a bed last night after having slept on the floor the night before.

But here’s the thing, and I’ve said it before: They are our babies. They act just like scared little kids when something startles them. Mom and Dad have to make it better. If they can sleep next to one of us, they feel safe again. It’s okay that the storm got worse. Mom was right there to hold them. And they could sleep, even if, now, I couldn’t.

I love my babies.


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