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Are you a savvy shopper? I’m trying to be. I marvel at women who can go to Target with a fistful of coupons and walk out with three bags of clothes, toys, and food after paying $10. I want to be in the know. So I’ve made it my mission to shop smart. It’s okay that it takes work to be frugal. I’ve been on a hunt for coupons.  I want deals. And I want freebies.

Here’s my plan. I’m going to use a coupon to get a good deal on the AJC so that I can subscribe to the Sunday paper only. It’s the one that’s packed with great coupons. At regular price, the AJC Sunday subscription is almost $12/month. I’ll save WAY more money in coupons than $12, but I still want a deal. Why not?

Then, I’m going to start shopping in different places. I will go where the deals are. It seems like most of the deals are at Target. I’ve found SO many shoppers who combine their coupons for Target with regular coupons and go when there’s a sale. They walk out with stuff FREE. Free is my best friend.

Here are my current Top Ten for frugal assistance:

1. Free Sample Freak – My sister-in-law, Sarah, turned me onto this site. I love it. I follow it on twitter, so I am always updated when freebies and great deals become available. It’s awesome.

2. Coupon Goddess – This lady blogs about her great finds AND posts links to all the coupons.

3. Totally Target – Need Target Coupons? Want to know how to stack them so you can get stuff for as little as possible? This is the site for you.

4. Be Centsable – So you move to a new state and don’t know the shops. You don’t know where the deals are. You need the coupons. This site will let you pick the state, check out what stores it hosts, and find bloggers who blog about coupons and deals at those stores. Can’t beat that.

5. Organic Grocery Deals– This site lists coupons you can print at home. It’s great.

6. Hot Coupon World– It’s all about the deals. At least that’s what it says on their site. They list coupons and freebies for groceries, babies, pets, travel, and more.

7. Vocal Point– This site lists deals, but it also has “test and tell” for products. Basically, you get to test it for free and then post what you think. It’s a great way to see what other people think of a product as well, in case the test products run out before you get them. The test products are good too. Full-size bottles of Pantene Pro-V or boxes of cereal, for example.

8. $30 Weekly Grocery Challenge– This lady tries to get all her family groceries for $30 or less per week. Wow. I can’t even imagine that.

9. Groupon– This is a great way to check out deals in your city. You can have them email you the deal of the day for your city, and it will be something cut WAY down in price. I’ve seen massages, car detailing, restaurants, and more, all for half off  the regular price or even more discounted than that.

10. Southern Savers– This might not be as helpful if you aren’t in the South. But it lists deals and coupons, even freebies, for stores located and items sold in the South.

Try them out! Thank me later. =)

If you have a favorite money saver that I’m missing, I’d love for you to link me to it in the comments section!

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