Rewards for What You Already Do

A couple of days ago, I posted some great sites to find coupons. Today I wanted to do a short post about some rewards sites, just in case you aren’t using them. If you are shopping online anyway, or you already drink Coke’s soft drinks, bottled water (Dasani), Powerade, or if you drink Tropicana orange juice or other Tropicana products, well then, you are all set to reap rewards for what you’re already doing..

1. My Points – This is a system that basically allows you to go through them to whatever site you need to go to so you can  do your online shopping. If you go to My Points first, you will end up earning points when you shop. And those points can turn into free gift cards.

2. My Coke Rewards – Do you drink coke products? Do your friends? Your family members? Then you can earn points. If you save the code from caps of bottled coke products (including Dasani and other non-soft drink drinks by Coke) or from the boxes the canned products are packaged in, and if you enter those codes online, you will get points. You can save up your points (like me; I’ve never spent any) for bigger prizes, or you can use them to get smaller prizes. You can also use them to enter sweepstakes, but I’m not a gamblin’ gal. I would rather know my points are going to get me something than hope they will. Different strokes for different folks, though.

3. Tropicana Juicy Rewards – This is something I found out about earlier this week and joined right away. I actually think I like it better than the Coke Rewards.  Each Tropicana carton is worth about $15 in rewards. You can put in your area code and see rewards specific to your area. You can choose tickets to museums, aquariums, amusement parks, and more. You can get discounts at local stores, spas, and restaurants. You can donate your points to a cause. You can enter sweepstakes. But the best part about it to me is that you can see local places to use your points. I could get a bogo ticket to Dad’s Garage or get a discount at a paint store in Lawrenceville. I like that I can see the local places so there’s no guesswork and that it supports local places instead of ONLY online or chain stores (though those are included as well).

Bonus Site: Swagbucks. I don’t really know what it is yet, but it’s popular on coupon sites. It looks like it might be similar to mypoints. I’m going to check it out.

Alrighty, friends. Continue with your online shopping, orange juice sipping, soft drink consuming ways, and don’t forget to let those companies reward you for choosing them.


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