Ready for Spring

We’re ready for spring over here. I decided I was ready to pack up the winter decorations and to put out something a little more bright and colorful. Something that made me think of sunshine and plants in bloom. Since I didn’t want to spend a ton of money on bouquets of flowers, I decided to get some inexpensive fruit. Most of it is real. Some of it is not. Can you tell which?

I started with the mantel.

Then I added a little more color on a living room side table.

And I put a bit more in the dining room, just to tie it all in.

But I didn’t want to be overkill, so I just put up some of my old favorites, metal stars,with candles in three wine bottles on the table in the foyer.

I also have some yummy Easter candy set up like a candy shop in glass jars with scoops in the kitchen, but I forgot to photograph that. Oh well. Come over and see for yourself, then eat some so that I don’t eat most of it. After all, summer follows spring, and that means swimsuit season…gulp.


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