Beware of Dog(s)

There are some things that you should know before coming to our house. And since we love to have company, I’ll just go ahead and list these things so you aren’t caught off-guard.

We are a dog-loving-home. So if you have a nice doggy that likes to play with other dogs, won’t chew the furniture or walls, doesn’t have fleas or ticks and won’t go potty in the house, chances are, you’re welcome to bring your dog over. Our dogs love to play with other dogs.

If you don’t like dogs, well, you’re out of luck. We have two. And they’re family. So they will most likely be here when you come over. But they’re nice! This list is actually a list about them.

1. Sam and Liam are identical. Almost.

Though they aren’t purebreds or designer dogs (two or more breeds bred on purpose), we get asked all the time what breed they are are. I’ve even been asked when I told someone what breeds we think they are if that’s an expensive mix. I say, “It costs whatever the SPCA can be talked down to. We got a discount for buying two.” Then they realize that our pups are unique. Save for their 3 brothers, there might not be any other dogs that are this exact blend, and we embrace that. We love it, actually. They’re just who they were meant to be, and they’re just right for us.

Yes, they look just alike, but there are some differences. First, they aren’t the same gender. I guess you figured that much out.  As such, Liam is bigger, and Sam, smaller. That should make it easier for you to tell them apart. And their front paws are different colors. The next indicator would be their ears.

Here’s a rare photo of Sam with her both her ears in Jack Russell style.  Sam usually has her ears sticking straight up, while Liam leaves his down. We’ve noticed that a ton of people say, “I like Sam because she’s so cute with her ears sticking up.” Well, just for the record, Liam can do that too. But I’m pretty sure he realizes how funny it looks because his ears are huge, and he’s smart enough to leave them down. (We know he can, because sometimes he will lift one ear and cock his head to the side to listen to some noise he heard.) Sometimes he will pull them forward like a Jack Russell’s ears, and it’s SO adorable, just like when he was a puppy. I think he does it just to get what he wants because I’m a sucker for his puppy ear looks. Sam can also drop her ears back. She actually always does when running. But she can drop them forward as well. Usually she and Liam will only do the Jack Russell ears with one ear at a time, though they can do both. But overall, Sam keeps her ears up; Liam keeps his down and to the sides.

2. Liam Loves Green Ball.

I’ve already mentioned that on this site. But be prepared, if you decide to play with our dogs, to have Liam run away and return with green ball. It’s his favorite toy. Forgive the darkness off the picture. We were playing under the dining room table. I’m an interactive dog mom.

3. Liam does not trust anyone (not even his mom) around Green Ball.

See how he’s on high alert, sure I’m going to steal green ball if he takes one step away from it? That’s just how he is when he’s playing with green ball. He’s smart, because I was going to take green ball. He’s quick too. I couldn’t get green ball in time. It’s not an indication of whether or not you’re trustworthy, so don’t be offended. He just wants to grab green ball and have you chase after him.

4. Liam doesn’t even trust Green Ball.

No, even green ball gets the stare down if he rolls it too far away. Sometimes Liam will set down green ball and nudge it towards you with his nose. He’s waits for you to try to pick it up, then he grabs it and runs off. But every now and then he accidentally knocks it away. Then he stares at it like a best friend who left without saying goodbye. (And the reason he and Sam don’t have collars on in some of these pictures is because they had just received a bath, and the collars were in the wash.)

5. They love to wrestle.

And this is one of their many wrestling maneuvers, though it’s definitely their most…unconventional…one. So, people will sometimes see Liam do this to Sam, and they get the wrong idea. The thing is, Liam does this to her when they wrestle because he’s 10lbs heavier than her, and it knocks her to the ground. He also does this to her when she jumps on people or when she gets on the furniture, as it pulls her away from the people and furniture (we just noticed one day many months ago that he would do that when she jumped on anything we told them not to jump on). Well, people don’t believe us that this is just how they play because they see Liam as the one who initiates it. Now do you believe us? Sam uses this same technique on him. We crack up. He doesn’t even give her notice because she’s so light. If you say, “Get ’em, Sam!” or “Sam, get Liam!” she does this. Or if you try to take a toy away from Liam, she will get behind him and pull him back to help you out. It’s hilarious.

6. Sam has mastered the neck snapping technique.

Sweet, sweet little Sam?

Yeah, her. She loves to try to kill her toys.

The other day, I came home with these new octopus-like toys by Dogzilla. And I stood in the shade of our house with Sam and watched her try to snap her toy’s neck. Only it doesn’t have a neck. She slung that thing around like it was a duck or squirrel. Or anything else dogs love to kill. She’s sweet, but I’m mighty glad I’m not a small animal in our yard.

7. They aren’t great about sharing.

Liam in particular, is bad about this. I got them BOTH new toys, identical in squeeky sounds, size, and color. I would throw one for Liam, he would get it. I would throw one for Sam, he would take it. She tries to hold on, but he’s bigger and stronger. She’s pretty good about just going and getting the one he left behind. But every now and then she will tell on him. He’ll try to eat out of her bowl or take her toy, and she’ll step back until I can see her, face him, and yelp until I come see what’s wrong and fix it. We recognize that bark now as her “Liam is stealing my things” bark, even if we aren’t in the room.

8. They love each other.

And they’re very sweet dogs. They are best friends, and they never go anywhere without each other.

9. You aren’t boring…but Liam falls asleep sitting up.

It’s not personal. He just gets worn out after playing so hard all day, and sleeping in the sunshine zaps his energy. He might be listening to you talk one minute and sitting there asleep the next. It’s not a reflection of your conversational skills, really.

So if you can handle all of that green-ball-chasing, crazy-wrestling, octopus-toy-killing, all-toy-stealing, sibling-loving, falling-asleep-sitting-up, identical-twin-goodness, then you’re welcome to come over to our place anytime.
~The doggy mama

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