Gotcha Back

Tom is forever scaring the daylights out of me. Ask my brother, Jordan, who loved hiding behind any corner or counter or any other place to hide in our house growing up; even if I think you’re there, I will jump when you try to scare me. I still get a surge of adrenaline, and usually I at least start, if I don’t completely jump. Well, Tom figured this out many years ago, and has taken full advantage of it.

I’ve learned to try to not jump so as not to give him the satisfaction or else to say, “Hey, Tom” right before I get to the place I know he’s hiding. He has been good about not hiding in our actual bedroom to scare me. Everytime I go in there when it’s pitch black and I’m alone, I imagine someone who is breaking in is in there and that he’ll grab me. So I told Tom that, and he knows better than to cross that line.

But he couldn’t give up the thrill of scaring me completely. He started this up again in our new home when I started reading the Twilight books. And he would justify it by saying, “Maybe you shouldn’t read about vampires before you walk through a dark hallway to our room at night.” To which I would respond, “Maybe you shouldn’t jump out to scare your wife  next to the second story banister, or I’ll try to protect myself and knock you over it next time.” So he wisely started to hide around different corners of the hallway and in rooms.

Well. I got him back. It was an accident, but that made it even more hilarious. I should back up just enough to explain why I was hiding. When we got our dogs, they were little puppies. When they got a little older, we began to play hide-and-seek with them. One of us would hide, and the other would say, “Where’s Mom?” or “Where’s Dad?” Then they would look for the hiding person until they found them. Consequently, they learned to go to whoever when we told them to, and they learned the word “Hide,” so we have to spell it now. We still like to play this game with them from time to time. They’ve gotten pretty clever, and they never forget a new hiding spot once they find it, so we have to try a bit harder.

Yesterday, I was playing with them in our home office, so I was sitting on the floor. I looked across from where I sat to the area under Tom’s desk, where they sometimes hide when they’re scared or  hear a noise they don’t like (ex: fire alarm). And I thought, “I can fit under there. It won’t be the best hiding place, but it’s a new place to try out.” Well, at this point in time, it was about 10pm, when Tom and I go to bed. So he had gone upstairs to get Samantha (Liam was downstairs) to take them out to the yard to potty before bed. I yelled up, “Tell them to look for me!”

But he didn’t hear me. He brought Sam down, and she must have heard me, even upstairs, because she and Liam immediately started running all over the downstairs, looking for me. Tom had no idea why they were acting like this instead of going out the door as he was telling them. Sam was really looking hard too. Tom finally got Liam out the door and said, “Meghan, I don’t know where you are, but tell Sam to come outside!” It was all I could do not to laugh. Thankfully Sam complied after he said that, and they all went out.

I sat there trying to think of someway to let Tom know where I was without speaking, since the dogs would hear me. I couldn’t think of anything. Then Tom let Liam back in. After a few minutes, he found me. But Sam hadn’t yet, so I stayed put and pulled Tom’s desk chair in to obscure their view a bit more. Then Tom and Sam came back in, Sam having done her business.

He still couldn’t figure out where I was, and, as he often does, he went to sit down at his computer. The problem was, he was going to kick me when he sat down. So after he pulled the chair out, but while he was still standing, I whispered, “Tom! Tom! I’m under here!” He didn’t hear me, so I reached up and tapped his leg.

I wish I could show you what I saw. Tom, from mid-thigh down, jumping in fright. Not jumping once, but about six times in quick succession as he tried to get away from his desk. It was hilarious. I wasn’t even trying to scare him, but I sure didn’t feel bad about it after all the scares he’d given me. Needless to say, Sam found me not long after that. But it was so funny that Tom and I both ended up doubled over in laughter. At least he can take it as much as he gives. Gotta love that in a person, especially the one you married.


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