Dear Point’N’Shoot

Dear little point ‘n’ shoot,

I used you for the first time in many months on Sunday. You have been a good and faithful camera. I especially like that you fit into my purse. Sunday, you were put into my purse for the first time in months so I could get a picture with a little girl I used to teach after the service at church. It was sad…I turned you on and couldn’t remember where the delete button was. It came back to me quickly, but I felt guilty. After years of hard work, I had left you in our home office. Alone. Not even a case enclosed you to keep you warm and dust-free throughout the winter. Your younger sibling, the SLR, had taken your place. You had become the red-headed step-child.

You, who attended football games with me in college and never once cheered for Tech.

You, who captured cute images of my precious nephews and nieces. You love their silly games and dress up fashions.

You, who witnessed my engagement. You didn’t laugh at my huge smile because you knew how excited I was.

You, who attended my graduation. You felt how overwhelming that day was, as my hand shook when I took a picture.

You, the only one invited to Jamaica on our honeymoon. You helped us get pictures when we didn’t want to pay a crazy amount for them at Sandals.

You, who documented us moving into our first place…..

…Then moving out of our first place….

…And into our first house.

You were there when we got the puppies.

You were there to see them grow.

You were even there the night I stabbed myself in the hand and had to go the ER.  The sight of blood did not make you queasy.

You documented the bruising and swelling.

You waited on me while I had surgery.

You celebrated with me as we went to the beach, and you didn’t even laugh that I had to wear a splint.

You were there when I had to do two months of physical therapy. You even sucked it up and took pictures of needles sticking into my scar tissue.

You and Me, Point’N’Shoot. We’ve been through a lot together. I feel bad that I have hardly thought of you since DSLR arrived. But, Sunday. Sunday, at church, you reclaimed your place as the only camera who can fit in my purse. And you documented a sweet moment- one of the little girls I used to teach and who wanted to see me again meeting up with me for the first time in over a year. It made my heart smile. And you were there to immortalize that moment.

I’m glad you’re back.



P.S. I’m still going to use DSLR as my primary camera. But you will be my “throw in the purse and go” camera until you die. You will not be left all alone anymore.

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