I Feel Like Eeyore

“Good morning, Pooh Bear,” said Eeyore gloomily. “If it is a good morning,” he said. “Which I doubt,” said he.

I am not a rainy day person. Or a cold weather person. My mood is naturally lifted by warmth and sunshine. And if there’s a beach breeze to accompany it, I’m in heaven.

But the winter has dragged on long enough. Three snows in Georgia this year. I don’t care if where you live there is snow ALL winter. Three snows in Georgia in one season is unheard of and, quite frankly, too much cold and wet for my liking. Everything is all pretty at first. But then it’s all muddy and cold and sloshy.

I miss having a tan. I miss coconut smelling body lotions and oils everywhere. I miss tank tops and flip flops. I miss swimming. I miss the beach.

So when it was warm enough on Monday for me to take a blanket outside to lay in the sunshine with my dogs, I did. It was SO wonderful. It was awesome, in fact. And yesterday, when I was keeping Will, we went on a walk, and I wore flip flops instead of tennis shoes despite the impracticality of it. It was glorious to feel sunshine, wear flip flops, hear birds rejoicing about the spring time weather finally making an appearance.

I had forgotten that part of “springtime weather” includes rain. Lots of it. *Sigh* And it’s going to continue for the rest of the week.

Now, I can appreciate rain at times. It makes great weather to sleep to, unless there is lightening and thunder breaking up your sleep. And it’s perfect weather for staying inside and reading a book. But I’m not doing those things today. I’m driving out of town to the eye doctor I used to see before we got married. And tomorrow, I’m going to sweep and mop, only to have Sam and Liam track mud and rainwater and bits of wet grass all over the floors. But if I don’t sweep and mop, it won’t happen this week. And Friday, the dogs will be stuck inside again, all day, while Tom and I are both gone to work. Then, Saturday, Tom gets to run in this soup while he is in a race. As much as I want to photograph it, I’m scared to take my baby out of the camera bag in this weather. I can try juggling that with an umbrella, I suppose.

I’m having an Eeyore day. Teasing me with nice weather, then throwing four straight days of rain in my face does that to me.


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