Still Have Work To Do

Tom and I finished the P90X Lean program a couple of weeks ago, and I was pleased to see the difference it’s made. Three months of working out (though only 1.5 months of healthy eating) should make a difference. In Tom, the change is more obvious. He was already lean, so the super toned muscles are obvious. On me, there is still work to do, that’s for sure. But, I can say that there is a definite difference. Since gaining weight post-wedding, I have had a hard time losing it. I still have weight to lose and muscles to tone, but my waist is not so big, my shoulders are more defined, my arms are much stronger and will be toned if I can lose some more weight. Even my lower half is a bit smaller, but I think nothing short of medical procedures will ever make me “small” in my derriere or legs.

I considered posting a before and after shot….and I about couldn’t bring myself to do it. I mean…my before shot is gross. I was so depressed when we started after I saw how much fat I had put on and how my sports bra and shorts made it even more obvious because of the tighter bands. I’m embarrassed to show it.  But I guess…in the sake of doing what I said I’d do and in order to show that P90X is helpful, I’ll post two before and two after shots.

Here’s My Back, Before:

Here’s My Back, After:

Here’s My Torso (Front), Before:

Here’s My Torso (Front), After:

As you can see, there’s a change. I still have plenty to lose, obviously. But it’s helped me get a start.

So, what’s next? Well…I was going to jump into Insanity with Tom. I was pretty excited (and pretty scared) about how intense it was because it would be like an (all cardio) fat burning boot camp. But, alas, my asthma kicked in during the fit test, and I about died. Well, not really died, but it was a pretty bad asthma attack. If I couldn’t make it through the freaking fit test without having to use my inhaler and sit down, no way could I do the actual program safely. And of course I didn’t heed the instructions stated about five times of checking with your doctor before starting the program. Oops. So Tom’s flying solo on that one. He said it’s already helping him with his running because the cardio is so intense.

As for me, I am trying to continue to revamp our diet by bringing in meals from the Insanity nutrition guide. I am also going to be starting P90X Classic this week. I hope I can stick with it on my own. I am HORRIBLE about putting off working out or making excuses not to do it altogether. So I am just going to have to bite the bullet. Maybe I’ll print out some of my before pictures to put into our gym.

Maybe not.

But anyway, if you are interested in P90X and haven’t tried it before, I highly recommend it. It’s a great tool for building strength, increasing flexibility, and slimming down.


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