A Taste of Parenthood

Sunday, my brother, Jonathan, and sister-in-law, Lisa, brought their girls to our house for the day. They were going to look at houses in Decatur, since they’ll be moving near Emory soon for Jonathan’s cardiology fellowship, and we offered to watch the kids.

Jonathan and Lisa have four kids: Tyler (seven in May, I can’t believe it), Madeline (turned five last December), Anna Kate (turned three last September), and Violet (turned one last November). Oh, and Rascal, their two and a half year old (I think) malti-poo doggy. Tyler didn’t come because he was at a sleepover birthday party, and Rascal stayed with Lisa’s mom, so that left the girls.

Tom and I had a blast hanging out with them. They are all such sweet, fun, pretty little girls. Our house was bursting with noise and energy that day. Two adults, three little girls, and two dogs. It was a much rowdier Sunday than usual. Violet went down for a nap while Maddie and AK47 played. The girls wanted to watch The Princess Diaries, so we popped that in for them to watch while I painted their nails and toenails. I wish I had taken pictures of all of it. After their nails were dry, they had popcorn, Easter candy, and orange juice while they finished the movie. I let them watch the last half of an episode of Wizards of Waverly Place while I ran upstairs to check on Violet and to put on some make-up since we were going out for dinner later.

When I came back down, I turned off the tv and brought out the construction paper and crayons. Their beautiful artwork is on our fridge now. Well, some of it is. The rest went home with them. Violet finally got up from her nap, and even she tried to color some. But we got sidetracked when the older girls decided to throw the ball for Liam and Sam. I think I’ve mentioned before (about a hundred times) how much Liam loves Green Ball? Almost nothing makes him happier than to have a willing human to play with his Green Ball. And Madeline doesn’t seem to tire of it either. They played with each other and that green ball the rest of the day.

It was around then that Tom and I looked at each other and laughed. It was LOUD in our house. L-O-U-D. Dogs barking, girls squealing, us talking, Anna Kate growling (she growled a lot while she pretended to be different animals), and more. They even did this game where they pretend to be horses, and Anna Kate told me to call them “Joey Horse” (not sure why) and to tell them what to do. It was hilarious to see Violet trying to do what the big girls did. When they got tired of that, they built forts in our bedroom. Then they played “Joey Horse” some more.

Here’s a video of the girls playing that game. And if you pay attention, close to the end, you get to see our lovely wall over the couch, where I am testing out paint colors for our bedroom. Just some more fun insight into life at Casa McFarlin, friends.

Eventually the girls got hungry, and while they had yogurt and crackers, we played the “who can be the most silent for five minutes” game. Tom loved that one.

I’ll say this, though: I’m fortunate to be married to a guy who loves kids, wants to spend time with them, and is good with them. He was as involved as I was the entire day. When Jonathan and Lisa came back, we all went to Frontera to eat and hang out before they left town. I can’t wait until they all live in Decatur so we can see them all more regularly. I love my family.


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