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Hey friends.

I was sick Wednesday, so very little got done around my hizzle. Yesterday I made up for it by being a busy bee, and I didn’t open my laptop once. And, not having planned ahead, that meant I didn’t get a post out. Not getting a post out in the middle of the week affects the stats of my blog (or, in other words, less people visit my blog on those days, and I have to work to get back to having the amount of visits to my site that I had before missing a post). That’s not surprising, really. I don’t post, I don’t get many visitors. It makes sense.

Here’s something that doesn’t make sense. There are some bloggers out there, specifically some high profile Christian bloggers, that continually post about not caring about their stats “anymore.” It seems like every few weeks, I see the same few bloggers write a post about how they are going to quit getting caught up in how many people come to their site or how many comments they get. They say they are going to quit purposely writing about certain topics that they know bring in more readers. They say they are going to focus on writing what God leads them to write. Or they are going to focus on the content quality of a comment rather than the amount of comments.

It’s bull.

It is. Really. Know how I know? Those same bloggers, a few weeks later, write a post about how upset they are with their readers’ lack of compassion or Christian love because when they post about something like mission trips, stats go down, but when they write about sex, drugs, depression, or some other “edgy” topic, stats go up. They think the readers are showing their true colors. BUT WAIT. Weren’t they not supposed to care about stats anymore?

Oops. Looks like it’s not just the readers’ true colors showing through.

And those same bloggers who say they are going to quit caring about stats and write only for what God leads them to?Well, they find other ways to work those same “edgy” topics they are no longer using to pull in readers right back into their blog. Maybe they feel like God is leading them to get higher stats? And a few weeks or months later, there they are again, blogging about how they are going to only care about quality comments or how stats don’t matter. Didn’t they cover that already?

So I’m just gonna say it. I like it when my stats show that I have more hits on my site. And so do other bloggers. It’s fun.

I feel more connected with people who read my blog when..ya know..they read it. And since I have only about 20 people I can think of that I know read my blog regularly, and since I write about things like my dogs digging holes in the yard and how cute the kid I nanny is, I can understand why on a good day I might get 78 hits on my blog. I’m one of those people who genuinely writes on my blog whatever I want no matter how the stats may go because of it. Sometimes I write something then think afterwards, “hmm, this one might get more hits.” But I don’t have the kind of following that could lead me to write a post for the purpose of getting or holding onto more readers. And I’d like to think that even if I did, I would still be writing what I wanted to write on my own blog instead of feeling pressure to write something that will bring in readers.

It just…really, really bugs me when people say they are going to quit being bothered about something, then continue to post about that issue again and again. If you want to lose weight, don’t keep oreos in your pantry. In the same way, if you don’t want to worry about stats, don’t check them. If you enjoy checking stats, and you care how many people read your blog, quit pretending otherwise.

It’s okay.

My name is Meghan, and I’m here to help you. Repeat after me. “It is not sinful to feel appreciated. It is okay for me to check the stats on my blog. It is okay for me to like it when people read what I write and care about what I have to say. I will not let it go to my head. I will not lie anymore about how much I care about my stats and consequently come across as a hypocrite and a person who can’t keep my word, even to myself.”

Because trust me people. If you do what these people do, you come across like that.  And if you keep it up, you will continue to come across that way, forever and ever, world without end, Amen.

Sorry about the rant. It’s been bothering me for months. I’m not naming names, but I’ve had to remove these people from my RSS because I’m so frustrated with their hypocrisy. I am not suggesting you follow suit, or anything. Just give me a heads up if you see me ever being a fake person on my own blog, because when a person hits that point, they’re deceiving themselves in a pathetic and public way. And I don’t want do it.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Now, on a lighter note…Here’s a cute picture of Will to brighten up your day. He’s trying to look around the camera to see my face.

Happy Friday!

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