Life Keeps Getting In The Way

Spending the day in an airport/plane/other airport/driving home-mode, kept me from blogging on Monday. Then yesterday, I had some 24-hour bug. It was no fun.

I guess that goes without say. I mean, are bugs ever fun? But I just didn’t expect it. No one I had been around was sick. But I woke up miserable. 101 degree fever. Nausea. Vomiting. Upset stomach. Today I woke up feeling much better.

But until today…no email checked, no blog posts written, no tweets. My keyboard on my phone was broken, and my laptop was downstairs. (I was upstairs in bed.) So that meant a total disconnect from the internet.

Life kept getting in the way of me updating things I meant to stay on top of. But honestly, it was kind of nice to be detached from the internet for a little bit. Sometimes it’s easy to let yourself feel obligated to do things that are supposed to be fun.

Is there anything in your life that sometimes becomes an obligation without you realizing it?


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