Today, Tom and I have been married for two years.

I just gotta say that it’s stinkin’ awesome to be married to your best friend. We were going to celebrate our anniversary this past weekend, but with Easter going on, we’ve decided to wait until this weekend. Last year, we bought a house. Not really as a celebration of our anniversary so much as we happened to sign the papers a few days before April 5th and decided that we’d spent enough money without buying additional gifts. So that was our “gift” to one another.

This year, we decided we’ll just go out to dinner. No gifts. We’re pretty big into the Dave Ramsey cult (just kidding, it’s not a cult), so we are hardcore about saving money right now. We’re thinking that we might do something bigger every five years of marriage or so.

But on Saturday morning, Tom woke me up with a gift in his hand. Little sneak. He said that he had gotten me something that he wanted to go ahead and give me, on the condition that I not give him anything in return. I love to buy and give gifts, so that was a bummer when I realized that we were doing (or he was doing, anyway) gifts after all. But I also love receiving gifts, and since he was bound and determined to win and wouldn’t listen to my arguing, I agreed.

Oh boy. I’m so glad I agreed. He got me Photoshop. Oh baby. How I have longed for Photoshop. I mean, we’ve all seen how much it can enhance a picture. Mainly, I wanted to learn how to adjust photos to make the colors really brightened and rich. But there is a lot more I want to learn as well. I have been talking about it since December. (Because, really, why would I want Photoshop before I had a nice camera? But then I got my camera. So I wanted PS.) I even told my sister and sister-in-law during our visit in St. Louis just last weekend that it’s the next thing I wanted to spend money on towards photography. And he was in Georgia, purchasing it, while I was in Missouri talking about it.

He loves me. He really loves me. And since Tom won’t let me buy him a gift in reality, let’s just imagine I bought him a 13-inch MacBook Pro. Because he wants one. He’s been talking about it for a long time. (If you’d like to contribute to the MBP fund, you’re more than welcome to send checks or cash. Just kidding. I think.)

We have become a totally geeked out couple. Ya know, in case we weren’t already with our loving Harry Potter and LOTR and Star Wars as well as our drooling over cameras and computers and me being in a book club and him always on a computer and, well, I think you get the idea. I just know we are going to start hanging out now by sitting at our respective computers and working. Tom on 8BIT or his LLC’s customers’ sites; me on learning how to edit photos. Then both of us showing each other when we get something cool working. He’s using Ruby on Rails for a web application he’s working on, and I’m drowning in a sea of layers, masks, and tools that I have no idea how to use (yet). The difference is, Tom knows what he’s doing. I told him I feel overwhelmed; that it’s like I’ve been thrown into the deepest part of the sea to learn how to swim.

Of course, I love it. I can handle being overwhelmed because that just means that there is a lot to learn. And once I learn it, I’ll have a wealth of photo-tweaking options available to me. I can’t wait. No, really, I can’t wait. I have to go work on it some more. Right now.

Happy Monday! And Happy Anniversary, Tom! I love ya!


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