Whew. Yard Demo.

Yesterday, Tom and I demoed (as in demolished) part of our front yard. I’m sure our neighbors love it.

There were about 6 or seven small bushes and four or five big, prickly bushes, in front of our front “porch” as well as one beside the garage. I put porch in quotations is because it’s pretty small. But we have a little wicker loveseat out there, so we can still sit out there and enjoy it. Anyway, the bushes are keeping us from enjoying that area. The big bushes are out of control huge and prickly, so you don’t want to even brush against them when you walk to the loveseat. Plus there are tons of wasps and bees and (later we found out) spiders in those bushes. I mean, you can expect bees with most plants, but I don’t want the plant to be so huge that I don’t even know where those stingers are.

Not only that, but it was like you looked at the front of our house, and all you saw were bushes. And weeds. We were over it when we moved in, but we finally have planned out the plants we want in their place, so it was time to clear the space. I dug up all the small bushes with a shovel, and Tom pulled the big ones out using his dad’s truck and rope.

The space still looks pretty rough, but I can’t wait to see how it will look when we have it all filled in. I’ll be sure to include before (with the bushes), demo (as it is now), and after (new plants) pictures when we have it all done.

It’s awesome what a little sweat equity will do for a place. =)

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