Goodbye “tomandmeghan.” Hello Loquacious Lady.

Welcome to Loquacious Lady!

This is the site that Tom has been working so hard to give me, and it’s ready to go live now. I’m so excited to finally have this blog up and running.

Here’s how it works:

I will not be writing a new post each day to go under each category listed in the navigation bar. I’m not that good about posting. What I will do is have all posts show up on the main blogging page, which you can find by clicking on the “life” link. Each time I have a new post go out, you can find it on the “life” page.

When I write the posts, I will select every category that applies to the content of that post, and it will show up on each of those pages as well. That way, if you just wanted to see posts that have to do with home and garden, you could click on that link, and see all the posts that pertain to that subject matter. If you wanted to see posts only about things I’ve read, you could click on the “books” link in the navigation bar, and you’d see all the posts about books that I’ve written about. The different pages just make it a little easier for you to find the content you’re interested in reading. Make sense?

What about the content from

I brought all the posts I had written (and one or two Tom had written) on my old blog over to this new blog; however, none of the comments from the old blog transfered to this site. I’m still in the process of getting the posts I brought over updated so that the pictures don’t link to the old blog. In a couple of weeks, will not be accessible anymore. I’m not really sure why anyone would go back to that site anymore anyway, but just in case you want to, it will be there for a couple more weeks.

What will be different about this site?

One new thing that I will implement is that each Friday, I will have “Friday Favorites.” In these posts, I will talk about some of my favorite things (I know, you got that much from the name) and where you can find those things. But I will also try to include, once a month, a “Tour of Stores” on my Friday Favorites. In those posts, I will review some of my favorite stores, whether they be physical stores or stores found only online. If you have a store that you would like me to check out and review, please contact me, and I’ll check it out.

The second thing is that this site is all mine. Although the last blog I had featured mostly blog posts that I wrote, the name was clearly indicative of two people. Tom has so many projects going on that he didn’t have time to keep up with our old blog. It fell to me, and I was happy to do it. But I was really eager to get a site that was more reflective of my personality. Tom set out to give me that site, and this is the result. I hope you like it!

What’s with the name?

I explain about that on the about page. Please check it out! And while you’re doing that, check out the rest of the site. I’d love to know what you think.


8 thoughts on “Goodbye “tomandmeghan.” Hello Loquacious Lady.”

  1. So, I just started following after the end of MoreThanUseless, now this? You McFarlins are hard to keep up with. =)

    The site looks great! I’ve enjoyed reading T& for the short time that I did, and I look forward to quietly lurking in my Reader learning more stuff about Tom that I can use against him in the future. =D Just kidding. I hope to stop by more now that I finally broke that 1st comment barrier.

    Keep up the great work, Meghan!

    1. Thanks, Brett! Sorry about all that. I knew I would probably confuse and/or lose some readers by dropping off t&m, but I’m glad you’ve made the move with me. Didn’t know you were following along, but I’m glad you are (and I promise to occasionally drop something in there to use on Tom). haha

  2. … and I did write more in that comment but now it’s gone.

    I’m looking forward to your friday stores segment. Are you going to be taking photos of the stores & their interiors too?

    1. Oh, I hate that part of your comment got lost. But thanks for checking out the site. I’m so glad you like it! =) My plan for the stores is to take pictures and maybe do some giveaways as well, but that will depend on the store and what they will allow. Also, if you have a store you want me to check out for my blog, let me know!

  3. Hooray! Your new site is up! I was so anxious to see it and it is absolutely gorgeous!
    I think the new name fits you well (in a good way) and I like that you shortened it to LoLa. You and Tom make a great web design team. It looks great!

    1. Thanks, Kristen! I’m glad you like it. When Tom and I talk about it, I just call the site LoLa. haha My site has become a girl.

      BTW, Tom helped me get your site on my rss, so I spent a while today catching up on things that you’ve written. But before that, I went to your site. I like your updated about page and dig the redesign on the site!

  4. Looks good! For some reason my computer won’t let me bookmark things anymore so I hope I can remember how to get back here and read about what is going on with you!

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